Here are the particulars you should know about velvex lubricants

velvex lubricants

In certain times of an economic period, you may observe a trend with an increased population in severalpopulations. This increment comes in handy with the Increase in the need for travelling due to relocation, among other reasons.  Therefore,  transportationwillrequirelubricationforsmoothwork of automotive and efficient movement of individuals. The availability of alternativetransportation means is relativetothegrowthoflubricantcompanies. Besides all the importances of lubricant companies, they also produce engineoil,industrialoil,motoroil,andgrease, supplyingthemintheirlocaland other countries. Are you a newbie or have some knowledge about velvex lubricants? Keep reading this article as it is significant onthetopbrandandhigh-qualitylubricantproduct;velvexlubricants and all detailed facts youshouldknowaboutvelvexlubricants.

Get To Know About Velvex Lubricants

Velvex lubricants are the top brand products introduced into the market with credentials of over 25 years of experience in the lubricant industry. They are also known for collaboration with German technology making velvex lubricants a great combination of premium products delivered at high quality and fair prices. Velvex lubricants manufacturer gained inspiration from “velvet”, meaning smooth and premium. With a brief history about the origination of velvex lubricants, you can get various kinds of products from them.  Let us take a look.

  • Three Wheels Oil

Velvex lubricants manufacturers also put small operating vans operating on petrol and diesel into considerations. Three-wheel lubricants is a modern and multi-grade is engine oil for the small delivery van. It is also helping reduces maintenance costs as it is mainly formulated to extend the engine life while preventing carbon from building up the engine. It’s a stable oil in slow-moving dense traffic conditions.

  • Automotive Lubricants

Automotive lubricants produced are further broken into other products; Velvex Trans Gear EP 90, Velvex Trans Gear 80W-90, and Velvex ATF

Velvex ATF

it’s specially designed to meet General motor ATF Type A Suffix A specifications. It’s Ideal for auto transmission and power steering and manual transmission and hydraulic system with such type of fluid.

Velvex Trans Gear EP 90 and Velvex Trans Gear EP 80W-90

They are hydraulic gear designed to produce a wide range of automotive transmissions and axles drive. Recommended for gearbox and manufacturer using synchromesh and non-synchromesh manual tools, axile drive and agricultural machinery exposed to everyday stresses.

  • Velvex Superkool

It’s a concentrated coolant based on Glycol OAT technology. It’s known to reflect one portion of coolant with the other three portions of water, therefore, providing trouble-free protection all year round.

  • Velvex Engine Cleaners

Velvex engine cleaner is a combination of carrier fluids and additives. This combination makes it highly effective dispersant additives dissolve sludge and detergent. Its oil-soluble but oil insoluble residue is brought into suspension and removed during the following oil change. A cleaned engine is left with fewer impurities yet to be filled with fresh oil. The engine will still develop its functional characteristics.


That’s some of the detailed facts about velvex lubricants right from how it started to become the topbrand inlubricantsproduction withhigh-qualityproductsataffordableprices. There’s always your preferred lubricant in their store.