Danny Gluszkiewicz – Meet the expert Insurance Broker in Australia

Danny John Gluszkiewicz

Understanding how insurance policies function and how they have evolved through time can be challenging. And if you engage with a professional broker, you will receive expert advice about the sort of insurance most appropriate for you, how to deal with risks, and how to safeguard your assets. People can get assistance from the insurance broker to determine which insurance risks are the most significant for them personally and their enterprises.

Danny Gluszkiewicz is a well-known insurance broker for putting his clients’ requirements first and working according to the client’s conditions. He is a licenced insurance broker who operates independently and has his base of operations in Brisbane. In addition to it, he is a backer. Danny has spent a significant portion of his career assisting customers throughout Australia in locating the appropriate covers for their requirements. Additionally, when his customers get insurance, he walks them through the process and ensures they understand everything.

He is successful in his role as an insurance agent. Danny Gluszkiewicz has a lengthy history of serving as a leader and has been instrumental in developing enterprises in Australia. In addition to that, he serves on the board of directors for Criterion Underwriting and MRC Insurance, both of which are business consultancy firms that focus on complex sectors.

MRC Insurance has been around for a long time and has provided both legal and financial insurance. It offers comprehensive insurance brokerage services and risk counselling to complicated sectors with a capacity that isn’t available anywhere else in the Australian market. Any other company doesn’t provide those services.

Danny got his first job in 1999 with QBE, where he worked as a client manager. After that, he worked for InterRISK Australia for several years in positions of increasing responsibility. In 2009, Danny was appointed to his current position as head of InterRISK Queensland. In 2018, he resigned from InterRISK and began working for BMS Group Limited.

Throughout his career, Danny Gluszkiewicz has held various positions within the insurance industry. In 2018, he began his employment with BMS Group. After Danny had joined the organization, he was responsible for overseeing all of the operations in Australia. Over more than 19 years, he has been employed in the insurance industry. At BMS, he performed his duties following the instructions of Andrew Godden, the CEO of BMS Australia.

Danny Gluszkiewicz was an indispensable BMS Australia national team member and contributed considerably to the company’s expansion. One of his responsibilities is to search for individuals who may be able to become members of the entrepreneurial team.

In 2021, Danny launched “The Assegai Group,” and the following year, in 2022, he launched “MRC Insurance.”

Most individuals in Australia think Danny is one of the best insurance brokers. People interested in locating a reputable insurance broker can consult him to obtain some of the finest insurance guidance.