Ted Zhou’s Evertrust Development Group Canada Inc.

Dr. Ted Jiancheng Zhou

Evertrust Development Group Canada Inc. is a developer that recently entered  the Canadian real estate market, and has already established itself as one of the area’s premier luxury builders with their unique happy and healthy lifestyle business model. The company’s founder, Dr. Ted Jiancheng Zhou, who became well-known as a businessman in the competitive Chinese market, saw an opportunity in Canada and decided to bring  his transformative property development ideology to the area seeing that there was an opportunity for his distinctive vision.

Mr. Zhou is from the Chinese province of Fujian. He established a reputation for being a successful scholar and entrepreneur there. 27 distinct businesses that he successfully founded are all still under his management. They represent various professions, including management consulting, finance, education, and real estate development. His businesses collectively have a combined value of $2.6 billion, and he employs more than 3,000 people.

Shanghai Oriental Capital Group, one of his most successful ventures in China, was one of his enterprises.  In China, 42 million square feet of mixed-use complexes have been constructed by the Oriental Capital Group. These structures have a variety of uses, including offices, hotels, retail, schools, hospitals, public parks, recreational areas, amenities, infrastructure for logistics, and industrial facilities. This company also constructed 90,000 separate housing units.

In the GTA, Dynamic Paradigm Shifts

After success in the Chinese market, Dr. Ted Zhou decided to look for new opportunities in Canada and in 2013, he moved to the country with his family to participate in the vibrant Canadian home market. Mr. Zhou’s sharp perception of global trends assisted in his perfectly timed entrance into the market.  His objective was to introduce to Canada his special line of luxury lifestyle communities that were customer-focused.  His further research had him shift his focus from the popular City of Toronto market and instead focus on hidden gem areas that began in the Southern Ontario area.

Evertrust Development Group Canada Inc. is Developing All New Condos

Evertrust Development Group Canada was the name given to the new business Mr. Zhou established, and Niagara Falls was the location of his first project. Despite the general beauty of Southern Ontario, there is no doubt that Niagara Falls is and its surrounding natural wonders is one of the world’s most breathtaking regions. It is frequently referred to as one of the world’s seven wonders and welcomes tourists from around the globe each year.

Ted Zhou continues his successful ventures in Canada with the completion of several sold out projects in Ontario and now the beginning of his newest endeavor which sets its sights on Edmonton Alberta for Upper Vista Edmonton.