Danny John Gluszkiewicz: a Renowned Professional in the Insurance Industry


Danny John Gluszkiewicz, a Brisbane-based insurance broker and underwriter, joined BMS Groups Ltd with 19 years of experience in the insurance industry as a director of the Australian operations in 2018, after leaving InterRISK Queensland, where he’s been a managing director since 2009.

Danny John Gluszkiewicz began his career as an account executive at QBE in 1999. by subsequently holding a succession of senior roles at InterRISK Australia, he built comprehensive client solutions and advocacy expertise. At BMS, Danny’s essential functions include looking out for new talent to drive growth. 

Insurance Solutions You’ll Get By Working With Insurance Broker

By working with an insurance broker, you’ll find all the solutions that will meet your needs with advice delivered with a client-centric approach. Insurance broker solutions have a flexible product range covering every aspect of the short-term insurance industry. Here are some of the expert solutions that you’ll enjoy

  • Expert and trustworthy advice

Most insurance providers work to their integrity and bond, and it gives you some credit to have confidence in your insurance broker for the expert advice you’ll get.

  • Accountability

You can get whichever information you need concerning insurance by working with a communicative and readily accessible insurance broker. While insurance providers they work with understand both sides, they are readily available as trusted advisors.

  • Consultative approach

With experience and expertise in the industry, insurance brokers take time to listen and understand your needs before delivering fine information effectively on unique and often complex requirements.

Benefits of working with a renowned insurance broker

While planning to take insurance coverage, you might feel how overwhelming it can be to find the right cover. However, everything becomes a bit easier with professional experience. Still, you must consider what to focus on when looking for the insurance profession, from reputation to speciality, approachability, and transparency. With that put into consideration, here are some of the benefits you’ll get

  • Protection from dishonest conduct

Insurance brokers are licensed, which means they’ve gone through continuing education, professional competence, ethical conduct, and insurance-related financial obligations of all insurance brokers in the province. Working with such top professionals like Danny assures you confidence that you will be treated fairly while representing your best interests. 

  • Get fine information from experienced professionals.

Since insurance brokers have vast experience in the insurance industry, you’ll always get personalized support so that they can advise you on the coverage options depending on your issue. Working with a wide range of products and services from multiple insurance partners gives them great expertise, knowledge and member experiences which guides them when advising you.

  • Handling your claims

An insurance broker might speak to lose adjusters and claims departments if need be to make claims. They’ll do as much as possible for you, so you don’t have to worry, which reduces the chances of your claim being rejected. In the event of loss, they’ll help you through the necessary process. They’ll answer any questions and serve as your advocate in ensuring that the payout you receive is fair and delivered to you promptly. 


The benefits of insurance coverage are to prevent burning a hole into your pocket in unprecedented times and give you financial assistance for your losses and damage. Danny John Gluszkiewicz has over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry and exceptional expertise in identifying and implementing practical insurance.