Bursting your Myths About Apostille/Legalisation


Sometimes it can be difficult or confusing to get your document legalised/apostilled. Numerous websites provide different information. What is the best way to determine which website is correct? These are the most common misconceptions.

It is possible to legalise foreign documents in the USA.

This is false. Documents must be legalised in the country. Your paper must be authenticated there if you have an Italian birth certificate.

A notary must sign a vital record.

This is incorrect. Notarization is not possible for vital records. New Hampshire is the only exception.

To obtain an Apostille, NYC birth and death certificates must be accompanied by a letter of descriptive language. It doesn’t matter how extended your birth certificate is.

Apostille on copies:

Photocopies of vital documents cannot be apostilled. To authenticate a photocopy of essential documents, you must have a certified copy.

Is it possible to authenticate documents authenticated by Virginia Electronic Notary Public’s signature?

The secretary of the Commonwealth can not at the moment verify electronically notarized documents using an Apostille.

The U.S. Embassy can issue the Apostille Birth Certificate.

The Apostille is issued by the Secretary of State of the United States and the Secretary Deputy of any U.S. State.

Many authorities worldwide receive documents marked with a red seal or sticker. This is commonly thought to be an apostille. This is a common misunderstanding. A solicitor or notary public usually places the red seal. Certain legalisation services may apply a red seal to the document. However, this will not affect its legal validity. It is not required for all documents that Apostille legalises.

Apostille For Bank Statement

Apostille service may be required for bank statements and bank balance letters to apply for a visa or residence permit.

There are many options:

  1. Option number 1. You can request notarized documents directly from your bank. You will likely have to visit the bank in person. They will sign the letters and statements for you.
  2. Option 2: Print the letter or statement and have it notarized according to the local rules. Notary services are authorised to notarize bank statements in certain states.

Observing the Michigan notary statutes is essential to ensure that the notarized document can be apostilled.

It is not easy to obtain an apostille. We are here to help you! Do not trust people who do not have the necessary knowledge and are not experts in Apostille. You could lose your document and have to pay extra for it. We know the importance of documents!


Let’s say you are planning to move, find a new job, adopt a child, marry, gain dual citizenship or continue your education in another country. You will need an apostille if you are applying for the California criminal history background check. In most cases, you will need to obtain an apostille for the FBI Background Check.