Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Filmmakers While Planning For Your Big Day


Wedding photography captures your wedding day, whereas videography takes the memory presentation of your day to higher levels. Wedding films include all real-time and vulnerable moments like kisses, hugs, dances, laughs, decorations, smiles, vows, and wedding speeches, which makes them unique. For this reason, while planning for your big day, consider investing in a wedding filmmaker worthwhile. Opting for packages that align with your vision for the day is also essential.

What Do wedding Filmmaker Packages Include?

First, understand that each wedding filmmaker offers different packages of services depending on the vendor and location, among other factors. Typical wedding filmmaker package services include a number of a videographer who’ll be present during your day. Packages will also specify the amount of time that will be spent shooting. 

Also, there are actually deliverables wedding filmmakers will provide, which differ depending on the vendor. It may include a 30-second mini-film to serve as a teaser and share with friends and family on social media. There’s also a 5-minute highlight video that recaps the best moments of your big day from the beginning. 

Wedding Filmmaker Package Add-Ons

Besides wedding videographer basic packages, there are add-ons you can get on top of the wedding videography package. Add-on packages include video editing of coverage from beginning to end, recordings of all the formal dances, footage of all the speeches and vows given during the wedding reception, and additional edits beyond what’s included in the filmmaker package service. Other add-on services can consist of additional hour coverage, drone footage, and coverage of pre-wedding events such as bachelorette parties.

Getting A Pro Wedding Filmmaker To Elevate Your Special Days Moments

Now that you know the basics of wedding videography and package services expect to find the right pro to take coverage if your day is always the next move. Since wedding filmmakers are an essential asset for a typical wedding, it’s super important to find the best one with both style and personality that aligns with your desire for the day. Nowadays, videographer pros are booking more than ever; find the perfect wedding videographer to capture your big day with this detailed guide.

  • Hire A Person Whose Style Closely Matches Yours

As wedding photographers have different approaches to their crafts, so do wedding filmmakers. Documentary styles present video chronologically with minimal special effects, whereas cinematic is more dramatic; they use exciting angles to create a Hollywood feel. 

  • Taking Finding A Wedding Filmmaker Seriously, As You’d Do For A Photographer

Sadly, most couples need to pay more attention to the need to hire wedding filmmakers, and it gets pushed back to favours and welcome bags. However, filmmakers are essential for the day to be included in the checklist slot on your long to-do list for your wedding day. By the time your big day approaches, a handful of studios will be left to hire, and you’ll likely not go for your first choice. Therefore planning always pays off—  consider the filmmaker essential for the day and set aside a budget for them from the beginning, taking into account your wedding location, and hours of coverage, among other factors. Making them on your priority list will lead to results coming out like you imagined they would.

  •  Embrace Professional Referral Factors

From wedding photographers to wedding planners, some individuals have worked with filmmakers in the past; they are professionals who liked their work or heard good things about them through previous clients. While most professional studios would offer you photography and film, it’s okay if you consider booking both services. You can also look for photos and film pro from companies that worked together in the past but ensure they have easy rapport as it’s the key to your final desired results.

  • Seek Out Reviews

You might feel like you’ve found a perfect fit professional after your wedding day, but there’s still some due diligence and call references you need to do. Don’t hesitate to ask if they captured the most important parts and if they were positively present all day long. Alternatively, you can also look back to see if you were happy with the final film.

Questions To Ask Prospective Wedding Filmmakers

Before booking a wedding filmmaker, please spare some time to contact them in person to ensure they’ll be the perfect fit for you. Besides considering their proficiency level, the years they’ve been in the industry, and the packages they offer, here are some questions you should ask.

  • How many weddings have you done?
  • What is the size of your crew?
  • How many rounds of revisions are included in the wedding videography package?
  • What other deliverables are included in your wedding videography package?


Wedding filmmakers can be a significant investment within your overall wedding budget. After all, having video footage for the day presents you with a lifetime of moments to cherish. But first, you’d want to work with a filmmaker with whom you feel at ease since they’ll follow you all day on your wedding day. For these reasons deciding to book the best professional to tell your love story shouldn’t be taken lightly.