Best Treks to do in India

  1. Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha trek is considered one of the best climbs for freshers. It is blessed with abundant snowfall, and the snowfall becomes heavenly during winters, and all that can be seen are the peaks covered by a thick layer of snow. This is a great location for beginners to experience the thrill of snow trekking, as well as for nature lovers to take in the unspoiled beauty of the natural world.. Based at 12,500 ft, the trek covers a distance of around 20 km with stunning panoramic views of snow falling over pine trees. Kedarkantha also called the ‘Queen of Winter Treks’ is a popular choice for both trekkers and beginners. 

  1. Kedarkantha Summit, Uttarakhand

The walk features some nice campsites that are tucked away in clearings and each is different. You will essentially be strolling in a winter wonderland as you ascend to the summit, which offers a 360-degree vista of snow-covered mountains. All this makes it look like a cotton ball-covered mountain and live a dream. With these amazing views, this trek is also very simple and of easy difficulty level.

  1. Hampta Pass, Himachal Pradesh

Hampta pass is located at 14100 feet altitude. One can experience beautiful snowfall in June. From the middle of July to October you can experience beautiful green sceneries, wild amazing flowers, and many types of fauna and flora. If this is your first high-altitude hike, it is the option that is best for you. The surroundings and the experiences are both magnificent You go through Lahaul-arid Spiti’s terrain after passing through snow-covered valleys, deep deodar forests, flower-filled meadows, crystal-clear streams, and Himalayan avifauna.

  1. Buran Ghati, Himachal Pradesh

A thrilling pass crossing, magnificent meadows, picturesque villages, lush forests, and a descent past trees bursting with fruit and flowers are all part of the route. The famous Chandranahan Lake is another draw for the Buran Ghati Trek. You’ll never tire of marveling at the magnificence of all the sparkling rivers and streams. The difficulty level is moderate here. The best months are mid-to-late June and mid-to-late-October.

  1. Kuari Pass

One of the most popular treks in India is the Kuari Pass Trek. The hike, which is in Uttarakhand, Garhwal district, provides breathtaking views of the Himalayas; snow-capped peaks. The walk is suitable for people seeking a modest amount of difficulty in their trekking. You pass through alpine woods, verdant meadows, and charming villages on the hike. In India, the Kuari Pass Trek is a well-liked winter hike. You travel through the snow-covered Garhwal Himalayan trails. Kuari Pass trek is one of the great opportunities for explorers to witness the mind-blowing views of the grand Himalayas. The Kauri top at an elevation of 13,990 ft is just perfect for beginners. Trails going through the old forests of Oak and Rhododendron scatter and then get dense as you go ahead, creating different landscapes and the experience is mind-blowing. During winters, mountain trails of the Himalayas are transformed into magical and are covered under a white sheet of ice. For many adventurers, trekking across these snow-covered paths of the majestic Indian Himalayas remains a fantasy. They are drawing a wide variety of adventure seekers and hikers for both long and short hikes to appreciate the exquisite splendor of the season. Crossing the frozen streams, passing through the old forests, and soaking in the most awe-striking views of the snow heaven are just the basic things offered by the snow treks in India. 

Kuari Pass trek offers some of the most breathtaking views of the magnificent Himalayan mountains Kuari Pass. Lord King’s cross Trail is yet another name for the Kuari Pass Trail, which was originally hiked by the former British Indian Viceroy. For those seeking a somewhat difficult hiking experience, this journey is perfect. You will get some breathtaking views of the Himalayan peaks while on the walk.

  1. Valley of Flowers:

Valley of flowers is situated at 14100 feet altitude. The maximum temperature hovers at 16 to 17° C. The minimum temperature hovers around 5 to 6° C. The weather is very pleasant here. The Valley of Flowers walk in Uttarakhand, one of the top trekking trips in India, brings you to Hemkund Sahib, a Sikh pilgrimage site, as well as a UNESCO world heritage site. 

The longest distance traveled is 55 km, and the highest point is 3658 m. This virgin valley is covered in thousands of vibrant high-altitude Himalayan flowers during the monsoon season, giving it a heavenly appearance. So far, India’s August hikes are the greatest. It is the perfect journey for hikers of all ages and starts at Govindghat. Observe Mother Nature’s most beautiful works of art and experience spiritual joy.


India is a stunning nation with fantastic hiking opportunities. The best hikes are hard to come by in India. India is the best location for trekkers from all over the world because of its beautiful scenery. India is fortunate to have a wide variety of topographies and temperatures. For individuals who wish to venture outside and discover the world while they still have access to outdoor activities, these excursions are ideal. Go with a group of friends. When you’re around folks who make your trip more enjoyable, mingling is easier. Think ahead. Before venturing out into the beautiful weather, make sure that everyone in your group has the proper apparel; if not, make plans so that everyone may acquire their gear once they get to their destination. Let’s go!