Best Treks to do in Himalayas:


Sar Pass Treck:

  • Level: Moderate
  • Maximum Altitude: 13800 Feet
  • Best Time to Go: April to June
  • Region: Shivalik ranges, Himachal Pradesh
  • Total Trekking Distance: Approx 40 to 50 Kms 

Sar Pass trek, which is perched at 13,800 feet above sea level, is a haven for photographers, painters, and nature enthusiasts and offers the splendour of a stunning emerald environment. The Sar Pass trip traverses through some of the most picturesque vistas, including woods, meadows, and ice blankets, all while being framed by a curtain of spectacular Himalayan peaks covered in snow.

A tiny, typically frozen lake that is known as “Sar” in the Himachali language must be passed by while hiking over the path from Tila Lotni to Biskeri Ridge. Thus, Sar Pass is called! The trail leads to a stunning winter paradise after cutting through a dense forest


Kedarnath Treck:

  • Altitude:12,500 Ft.
  • Trek Length: 20 Km
  • Duration: 5 Days
  • Difficulty Level: Easy To Moderate
  • Base Camp: Sankri
  • Nearest Town: Mussorie
  • Pick and Drop: Dehradun To Dehradun
  • State: Uttarakhand

The thrilling Kedarkantha Trek is located in Uttarakhand at a steering elevation of 12,500 feet. It is one of the most well-known treks and draws many novice and expert trekkers alike. That name means “Lord Shiva’s throat”.

This gorgeous summit receives wonderful snowfall in the winter, which blankets the entire trail like a thick blanket. Kedarkantha offers much more than just the most beautiful vista from the summit and attractive trails. Additionally, this experience is both daring and spiritual because to the folklore that is commonly associated with Lord Shiva and this peak. This 20-kilometer trek circles Govind Pashu Vihar National Park, which is filled with lovely pine trees and verdant meadows. In addition, some of the most notable peaks and ranges that can be seen from the summit include the Black Peak, Gangotri, Yamunotri, and Swargarohini ranges.

Brahmatal Trek:

  • Altitude: 12,200 Ft.
  • Trek Length: 24 Km
  • Duration: 6 Days
  • Difficulty Level: Easy To Moderate
  • Base Camp: Lohajung
  • Nearest Town: Karanprayag
  • Pick and Drop: Rishikesh To Rishikesh
  • State: Uttarakhand

Brahamatal is a relatively offbeat hike that travels via uncharted pathways and is ideal for those looking for isolation in the mountains. This 24-kilometer walk features the most captivating snow-covered trail.

The only trip in winter that leads to an alpine lake and offers a breathtaking perspective of the towering Himalayan Ranges is this one, which is interesting. One of the best winter treks in the Himalayas to experience the frozen alpine lake is because of this, among other factors. Even if sunsets are among the most beautiful natural phenomena, you must see one when you are on a walk to Brahmatal. It is a remarkable sensation to watch the sky appear to be painted in glorious hues.

Har ki Dum Trek:

  • Altitude: 11700 Ft.
  • Trek Length: 53 Km
  • Duration: 7 Days
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate
  • Base Camp: Sankri
  • Nearest Town: Mussorie
  • Pick and Drop: Dehradun To Dehradun
  • State: Uttarakhand

This is the oldest Himalayan trip, perched tightly on the hinges of the Gharwal Himalayas. Har Ki Dun is a well-liked hike in the neighbourhood despite its astounding elevation of 11700 feet. You get a closer look at settlements that are even 2,000 years old in addition to this genuine and absolutely raw trail.

The name means “Valley of Gods”. It is thought to be the route the Pandavas walked to reach heaven. Therefore, the Har Ki Dun Trek path has a spiritual history in addition to having beautiful scenery. It’s fascinating to consider that you might be travelling the same path as the Pandavas. The Himalayan Trail, which is the oldest, welcomes you like an old friend. Comfortable adventure exists. Along the way, you’ll see the Black peak, Bandarpoonch, and the Swargarohini series of peaks.

Chadar Trek: 

  • Altitude: 11,100Ft.
  • Trek Length: 65 Km
  • Duration: 9 Days
  • Difficulty Level: Difficult
  • Base Camp: Leh

The most well-known and challenging winter journey of all time is the Chadar Trek. This is what makes the encounter exciting. Since the route of this journey involves walking over the frozen Zanskar river, which is draped in a thick blanket of ice, the trek is named Chadar, which means “Blanket.”

This hike in Ladakh allows you to see the frozen Nerak Waterfall, which is an incredible experience. It is located at an elevation of 11,100 feet. The frozen river’s thick, glass-like structure functions as a mirror, reflecting the sky and the grand mountains on each side, giving observers a stunning perspective.You learn about and experience the Zanskari and Ladakhi cultures in addition to the excitement and thrill of the one-way Chadar Trek. All the challenges that come with this walk are worth it for the experience alone. There is a good chance you’ll see some exotic creatures like snow leopards, blue sheep, and ibex.