Valley of Flowers Trek: Beginners Guide

valley of flowers


One of India’s most captivating and picturesque parks is the Valley of Flowers, located in Uttarakhand’s Chamoli district. India designated the valley as a national park in 1982.

The Valley of Flowers offers visitors a completely unique experience thanks to its breathtaking Himalayan mountain range backdrop, unspoiled beauty, and diverse vegetation.

This guide covers everything you need to know to experience this gem, including how to get to the valley, timings, suggested routes, lodging alternatives, and more!

Valley of Flowers Trek :

The Valley of Flowers Trek is Bhutan’s inaugural trek. The Paro Valley, an area at the base of the Himalayas, is where it is situated. Numerous lakes and rivers run into two streams that converge at Pangti Lake in the valley. This lake becomes a lovely pink colour during monsoon season as a result of the bloom of algae on its shores. One of the reasons people travel to the Valley of Flowers Trek is to observe this lake and unwind while doing so.

The Story Behind The Floral Valley :

The discovery of Valley of Flowers has a very intriguing backstory. While returning from Mount Kamet in 1931, British mountaineers Frank Smythe, R. Holdsworth, and Eric Shipton got lost in the area and ended up at the Valley of Flowers.

They chose the name Valley of Flowers for this area because they were mesmerised by its beauty. In reality, Smythe wrote a novel titled “The Valley of Flowers” following his return.

Time to visit Valley of Flowers : 

There is no rain at this time, and temperatures are mild. It is advised that you schedule your trip around this time because it will be much simpler and more convenient than at other periods of the year. Without any interruptions from rain or storms that slow down the blossoming phase of flowers, you may also enjoy a variety of flowers in bloom. For the majority of visitors, the area is incredibly pleasant. After summer, it doesn’t get extremely cold. The hike takes place during the monsoons. Expect a daytime high of 8 to 10 degrees and a nighttime low of approximately 3-5 degrees. It is a stunning sight to see the bridges as the snow melts off of them in July.

Permits for Valley of Flowers Trek :

Permits are not necessary for the Valley of Flowers Trek. However, you need to get a permission from your national park office if you want to hike up to Hemkund Sahib and back.

The Indian Mountaineering Foundation must issue a permission for the Gangotri glacier hike (IMF). For this journey, you can also hire porters.

During the pilgrims’ yearly religious holiday known as Dasain, which takes place from June to August, the Kedarnath pilgrimage is another well-known trek in Uttarakhand (also known as Dussehra).

Distance and campsites of Valley of Flower :

The Valley of Flowers Trek is about 60 kilometres away from Delhi. Although this trek typically takes 5 days to complete, if you have more time you can complete it in 3. Dehradun, which is situated at an altitude of 2,300 metres above sea level, is the most well-liked departure location for this journey. Before arriving in Badrinath, where you will begin settling into your tent or sleeping bag for the night, you will be stopping at a guesthouse or camping along the road. If a customer wants anything more opulent than sleeping under the stars on slabs of concrete, there are lots of alternative options available, like tree huts and yurts, which may be reserved.

Difficulty Level of Valley of flowers trek :

A trek’s degree of difficulty is determined on the route you select and the season you go. A person who hasn’t walked in years will find it harder to adjust the higher up in elevation you go. If you are physically fit but unaccustomed to long hikes, this might mean that after just one or two days on your feet, your body will ache and feel as though a boxer has pummelling it.

Fitness tests might not be necessary if all you want to do is get somewhere quickly, but if you want to have fun while you’re doing it, make sure that your route has lots of flat terrain before any high climbs or descents so that you won’t feel too horrible when they happen!

Conclusion :

Valley of Flowers is a destination that checks all the traveler’s must-have boxes. It is located high in the majestic Himalaya Mountains and has beautiful landscape. The mild difficulty of the walk, everyone’s enjoyment of it, and its affordability make it the best option. The Flower of Valley will steal your heart as soon as you step inside by allowing you to see some of the rarest blooms on earth.