Behavioral Health Division – Milwaukee County

Milwaukee county behavioral health division

Milwaukee County’s Behavioral Health Division provides various services to those suffering from mental diseases, including outpatient treatment. And other things are worth knowing. So, keep reading.

The Milwaukee county behavioral health division provides a range of services, including mental health assessments, pharmaceutical evaluations, peer support, and counseling, refering patients to suitable outpatient clinics. The clinic connects children and families along with numerous community initiatives. Numerous local NGOs also offer comparable services, including an addictions support group.

Medical facilities

The Behavioral Health Division offers emergency psychiatric treatment to residents of Milwaukee and nearby counties who have behavioral health concerns. It is in charge of crisis care for patients with severe mental illnesses.

·  The mental emergency department handled 7,492 patients last year, or around 20 people each day. 3,227 of these were for emergency detentions. This decreased from 13,443 visitors in 2010 and 14,317 visits in 2010. This year’s new mental emergency department budget is $18.5 million. It will be financed with a $53.1 million levy on county taxpayers.

·  The Behavioral Health Division collaborates with four local health systems to enhance community mental health services and alleviate the criminal justice system’s load.

·  The anticipated savings from the joint venture will allow the Behavioral Healthcare Division to expand its services to the community.

·  This year’s budget for the psychiatric emergency department is $18.5 million. The county anticipates income of $9 million from Medicaid and Medicare programs and commercial health insurance.

Future planning

The Behavioral Health Division of the Department of Health and Human Services is planned to construct a new psychiatric emergency department shortly.

·  This new institution, which is anticipated to cost $18 million, will replace the Wauwatosa Mental Health Complex. It will result in roughly $7.2 million yearly savings for the Behavioral Health Division.

·  The cash saved will increase care for chronically sick persons with mental health problems. The project is scheduled to conclude in the spring of 2022.

·  Likewise, the Behavioral Health Division collaborates with four regional health systems to establish a psychiatric emergency facility.

·  This project, estimated to cost around $12 million, would replace the present mental health emergency department at the Wauwatosa Mental Health Complex.

·  It will save money for the Mental Health Division, which may enhance and expand services for individuals with various behavioral health disorders.

Following the COVID-19 outbreak, demand for mental health services has risen.

The Behavioral Health Division has increased its outreach efforts in the region to offer more services.

·  The city of Milwaukee’s mental emergency department has noticed an increase in demand. Each year, the Psychiatric Emergency Department treats around 7,000 patients.

·  The Behavioral Health Division has established a walk-in clinic on the East Side.

·  The Division of Behavioral Health is partnering with four health institutions to establish a psychiatric emergency room. The initiative will cost around $12 million and increase access to community mental health services.

·  The psychiatric emergency room will function as a full-service mental health facility.

·  These services will include extensive therapy for those suffering from various emotional and psychological problems and medication management and rehabilitation.

A range of outreach programs

Along with crisis treatment for those struggling with mental health concerns, the Behavioral Health Division provides various community programs.

·  Its mental emergency room saw around 7,000 visits in 2016, down from almost 13,000 in 2010.

·  The psychiatric emergency department has increased community services and decreased inpatient rates.

·  In 2010, the Behavioral Health Division supplied the community with just four services. The county will save approximately $7.2 million annually due to the BHSD’s new psychiatric emergency department.

Bottom line

The Milwaukee county behavioral health division‘s mission is to enhance the county’s mental health services. It will contribute to the community’s safety and health and play a critical role in ensuring that those with mental health issues get excellent treatment. Likewise, it will assist in providing that those dealing with mental health concerns do not feel alone in their circumstances.