Azar Jazestani: 4 Things Couples Usually Forgets while Planning their Wedding

Azar Jazestani’s Principal Planner

Weddings are important days and events for couples all around the world and their families. And As dreamy and perfect as this memory should become, wedding planning is by far one of the most stressful times a couple goes through with months and months of hard work, and still, some things get left out on the wedding day.

Azar jazestani, Owner of Principal Planner which is one of the best event planning and management companies in Canada states that even though most of the couples pan out this job to an event planner. There are certain tips every couple needs to follow to ensure the wedding planners can make their day as dreamy and beautiful as they imagined and more.

Principal Planner offers full wedding and event management services in various countries like Canada, Dubai, and Malta, etc. have created the most memorable moments for thousands of couples. Azar also has her own reception hall in Montreal which comes among the city’s most luxurious event venues. The facility by far has hosted events for many celebrities and prominent families of North America.

Throughout the years of planning hundreds of weddings, Azar has encountered that most of the couples actually forgets these 4 simple things while planning their wedding amongst all the stress..

  • Set a budget and stick to it: Most couples forget to set a proper budget and push their finances way more than they can afford. A proper budget allows you to get more realistic about your dreamy wedding and ensures you make financially wise decisions. If any of your family members or close friends are contributing, get clear on how much people are ready to spend and always keep some of the savings for your honeymoon vacation and other expenses that might follow in the next first months after a wedding. Considering all of these conditions and putting all of the numbers together will help you to plan and  enjoy your most important day without the risk of getting into debt.
  • Choose your theme: Whether it’s a set of specific colors, styles or some movie adapted theme(like the roaring twenties or festival chic), having set a wedding concept theme or design helps in making the rest of the decisions faster and easier. Once you have an aesthetic in your mind, you can choose from other options easily.
  • Create A Master Checklist: One thing that will be really crucial stands above everything else is to have a master checklist. Weddings have lots of tasks from guest lists, ring selection, venue selection, cake, band flowers, dresses, and many more. A master checklist will help you stay on track and tackle all of these tasks in time. This way you can visualize and prioritize goals without getting overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done
  • Research your venue option: Be sure to check and compare prices, packages, and policies of various wedding venues (like guest count, etc.) before you finalize any. Even if you got a venue you really like, be sure to have a backup venue location and package to ensure that you get the best for your special day.
  • Make it Legal: Most of the couples amidst all of the crazy planning and details actually forget this really important task. Make sure you plan and allocate time to get your marriage license. Research and gather all the documents that are usually needed in getting a marriage license.

Azar Jazestani’s Principal Planner has skilled professionals who have helped a lot of couples to have their dream wedding while not getting overwhelmed with all the details of planning. Couples who are planning and budgeting for their dream wedding can contact the Principal Planner to visualize their dream day.