Amit Bhosale


The sleek managing director of the prominent real estate company ABIL Group is renowned for his perseverance and ability to overcome obstacles. Amit Bhosale’s father, Avinash, founded the ABIL Group, although he is more enthusiastic about the hospitality industry. Amit Bhosale, the ABIL Group’s or Avinash Bhosale Infrastructure Limited’s managing director, is a youthful and motivated individual. Together with Avinash Bhosale, he has led the business with exceptional efficiency. As a result, the company has expanded its network and prospered across numerous industries. Amit Bhosale is the director of the ABIL Group’s Real Estate and Hospitality Department. Amit completed a demanding program at Les Roches in Switzerland to receive official training in the hospitality sector. He gained his first experience managing a hotel while working for The Westin Pune.

There he was involved in every choice, from buying the land to conducting a market survey, and meeting with architects and consultants. Additionally, he also led collaborating with structural engineers, negotiating with hospitality brands, obtaining sanctions and commissions, and communicating with the vendors and contractors during the building phase. Presently, The purchase of an eight-story commercial building at Trafalgar Square, a premium location in London, for close to £100 million, or INR 900 crore, is one of the significant moves ABIL has undertaken. With this investment, the group’s hospitality industry enters overseas markets for the first time. 
He avoids B-towns and keeps his attention on Tier-I cities and tourist hotspots like Goa and places like London etc. In contrast to other hoteliers, he thinks that while land costs are lower in these areas, development costs are still high, consumer purchasing power is lower than in cities, and housing problems, such as poor air quality are a problem. Amit Bhosale loves to take a back seat and let architects and construction workers handle the job after the design stage. Furthermore, then strategize on how to sell and position a hospitality project.