One For All [All In One Class 10 Study Package] Launched As Per New CBSE Syllabus 2021-22

New CBSE Syllabus 2021-22

Class 10 board exams are a hustling situation for any of the students. This exam gets on the nerves of the students and they struggle a lot to come out with the flying colors. This is a crucial phase in any student’s life. And it also puts them in the dilemma that from where to start. Getting the apt study material and all the study material in a single place is a very tedious task for class 10th students. What if you get the premium all in one class 10 study package under a single roof? Isn’t it seem unrealistic? But, it is not!! Oswaal books offer you a one for all class 10 exams that have all the required things to boost up your preparation.

Let’s have a look at the amazing features of this book that it will offer you for your convenience.

Features of Class 10 All In One Study Package

1.Covers all subjects

When you are preparing for the board exams then you need all the subjects conglomerated at a single place so that your time is saved and you can utilize it to learn something more. With the newly launched all-in-one by Oswaal Books, you will get the privilege to study all the subjects in a single place without any problem. You need not rush anywhere to find the proper study material because Oswaal books have already taken care of that. to find one for class 10, click here.

2. Based upon the latest CBSE pattern

While preparing for the class 10 board exams you must be aware of the latest marking scheme and exam pattern. This will help you prepare in the right direction. Oswaal’s all-in-one is designed according to the latest CBSE pattern so that you can always rely on the content of the book. It consists of all the important study material designed according to the latest pattern. To find all in one class 10 study package, click here.

3. Practice Questions

The more your practice, the more familiar you become with the latest exam pattern. To be prepared for the examination you should solve an ample amount of questions that will give you more clarity about the examination. Oswaal all in one consists of a large number of practice questions with explanatory answers so that you can prepare well for the examination. This will also help to get the answers to those questions where you are stuck.

4. Modern and Innovative tools

Preparing for the board exams is not that boring as it seems to be. No doubt it requires constant effort and hard work but you can make learning fun with Oswaal all in one for class 10. This book consists of various videos and mind maps that will make your learning simpler and easier. You can use it to the max to make your learning a memorable experience. Oswaal’s book is your friend in disguise to help you with your preparation journey.

5. Chapter wise practice

Oswaal all in one offers chapter-wise practice series that will help you analyze your performance with each chapter. This will make you acquainted with the areas where you are lacking and you can even revisit those concepts so that you can make the most out of them. It will also boost your confidence and will make you prepared for the board exams.

Final thoughts

Getting the all-in-one study package for class 10 is quite a cumbersome task but if you get so then it can do wonders for your preparation. It will act as a catalyst so that it can fasten your preparation journey. With the assistance of Oswaal all in one study package, you can boost your preparation and study in a fun way. If you are the one who is going to sit for class 10 board exams this year then this is the must-have for you and will make you prepared according to the latest CBSE pattern.