What Makes Hard Seltzers So Popular?

Hard Seltzer

You can’t go to the grocery or a simple yard barbecue without seeing a hard seltzer. They have proven to be a better option to wine, beer, and spirits for outside activities has increased its popularity. However, it’s a better choice for health-conscious drinking habits and a preference for low-alcohol beverages.

There are numerous exciting features of the seltzer which is making it trend by each day. In this article is a collected few of some of those features that are making it trend.


Pricing varies; however, hard seltzers are sometimes cheaper than craft alcohol and cost-effective than a midrange bottle of wine or spirits. A 12-pack of White Claw sells for around $15.99, whereas the Bon & Viv’s Spiked Seltzer 12-pack sells for roughly $14.50

This price cut has helped seltzer dominate the market and become a go-to choice for individuals looking for a cheap way to enjoy a social event.

Healthier drinking

There are several reasons why seltzer’s popularity is growing. However, the most important is that it is often publicized as a cleaner, healthier drink. It contains fewer calories and carbs than brewage or spirits and features a higher water content. Most conjointly solely use natural flavorings, contributing to their health-forward attractiveness.

A standard five-ounce glass of wine, for comparison, contains around one hundred twenty-five calories (depending on the wine, which will vary). Carbs in wine vary; furthermore, you’ll sometimes be gaining access to at least around four grams in every glass.

Multiple flavors

Hard Seltzers currently are available in a dizzying array of flavors to suit around any activity and are additionally refreshing: more reminiscent of drinking a natural-tasting drinkable than something alcoholic. Although younger customers still dominate the market, seltzer appeals to health-conscious men and ladies of all ages.

Great taste

It looks like seltzer will continue its upward mechanical phenomenon as brewage, spirits, and wine sales primarily flatline. The secret is that it resolves the matter of sweetness and also the related higher calories that have infested the tasteful malt nutrient class over the years. Additionally, there are several flavors to choose from which give excellent taste.

Low alcohol content

The seltzer is a brew; however, brewers use a sugar base that permits the drink to be gluten-free rather than barley or another grain. However, the seltzer is categorized as a tasteful malt nutrient (FMB) at intervals in the broader brewage class but with low alcohol content. It means that the seltzer is currently vying for its class within the alcohol world.


At the tip of the day, we tend to all understand alcohol isn’t sensible for your body. Nevertheless, it is super gratifying to sip on a nutrient or two while celebrating since socializing is good for your health. Therefore if you wish to socialize, seltzer may be a pretty sensible possibility in terms of selecting a drink that’s light-weight in each calorie and alcohol content.