What Are the Benefits and Purpose of Apostille Certification?


You may need to authenticate documents that you intend to use in a foreign country if you have relatives, friends, or business partners. Most often, documents must be translated into a language other than the native one. Many clients have difficulty with the translation process or are unclear about the authentication process.

You must first ask yourself “What needs to be authenticated?”

A seal issued by the federal or state government is authorized to authenticate the signature on a document. It also identifies the capacity in which the signer acted (i.e., The steps taken by the person verifying the validity of documents; the identity of any seals or stamps placed on the document.

These government seals are commonly called Apostilles, or for some countries Exemplified Certificates. Apostilles can be used when a foreign country is part of the Hague Convention of 1961. An Exemplified certification is used when a country is not part of that convention but will accept a seal of one of those countries.

What are the Most Common Uses of Apostille Certification?

An Apostille Certification is used for:

  • Business purposes such as an article of incorporation and for certificates of bylaws and good standing
  • Adoption paperwork such as letters of reference, home studies, marriage certificates, and birth certificates.
  • Foreign study documents such as diplomas and transcripts
  • Inheritance purposes such as death certificate and proof of identity
  • Power of attorney

Benefits of Apostille Certification

An attorney can help you save time and money by handling your Apostille. Fluent in the native language of documents that you want to authenticate, an attorney will be able to sign the documents without the need to send them to a translator service. This can take up to a week if you’re in a hurry. An attorney can also send a letter explaining how he/she authenticated the documents “On-the-Spot”. Attorneys are one of few professions that do not require their signature to be notarized in the United States by every County. After waiting a week for the documents to be translated, you will need to apply for an Apostille. The State requires that all notarized signatures be authenticated by the County Clerk before it can seal the documents. For anyone trying to get an Apostille for the seventh or second time, this can be confusing, frustrating, and time-consuming. If you request before noon, an attorney’s office will be able to provide same-day service.

How Do I Obtain an Apostille Certification?

Sarmiento Notary can arrange your Apostille Certification on your behalf due to the complexity of handling different documents. This is more than just about supplying the original document. The Apostille Certificate is issued. It also depends on the signatures and seals of authority that the document contains and where it is intended to be used. Additional certification may be required for many documents before the Apostille Certificate can be issued. Sarmiento Notary is available to provide guidance and assist with any additional certification. Our service offers many benefits. One is the speed of service. The second is the assurance that your document will be issued with the Apostille Certificate the first time it is attempted.