VAs For Real Estate Investors: A Good Or A Bad Choice?

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A virtual assistant for real estate investors may help your team by following up on important topics, keeping track of data, and more. Consider hiring a virtual assistant for your real estate company.

VAs can help with administrative tasks, transaction coordination, marketing, and more in the real estate business. A dedicated TC or ISA will be dedicated to these tasks, and the Virtudesk team matches real estate agents with the right VAs based on their DISC profiles and personality traits. A virtual assistant isn’t a substitute for a human agent, so it is essential to carefully consider the tasks you need help with before hiring a virtual assistant.

Here’s all you need to know about virtual assistants for real estate investors.

What Exactly Do You Mean By ‘Virtual Assistants?’

Virtual assistants work from a remote location to help your business thrive. They handle administrative and other obligations, enabling you to concentrate on higher-value operations. A virtual assistant avoids the need to hire a full-time employee by working as an independent contractor or managing someone via a website. There is no requirement for a physical location in the real estate sector. A virtual assistant enables you to handle your finances from the comfort of your own home.

The kind of work that real estate investors may allocate to virtual assistants – 

Depending on the size of your portfolio and your tenants, you may have varied requirements for a virtual assistant.

  • Administration And The Usage Of Virtual Assistants

Outsourcing data input and database management is the best way to use a virtual assistant. This involves submitting contracts, adding new tenants to your rent roll, and ensuring that their contact information is updated in your system. However, these techniques are time-consuming and do not need specialized knowledge.

Keep accurate tenant records to keep your organization compliant with local norms and regulations. If yes, did you save a copy of their driver’s license on your computer for future reference? What about the dog’s license? An additional set of eyes may help guarantee that you’ve ticked all the compliance boxes with virtual assistants.

A virtual assistant may also take phone calls, answer emails, and keep track of your calendar. If a potential tenant calls about an empty unit, your assistant will be able to arrange a showing. Managing tenants isn’t for everyone, which is why you may want to engage a real estate virtual assistant to function as your go-to person.

  • Using A Virtual Assistant In Your Company

When vacant apartments are posted, and your buildings are promoted, tenant turnover is decreased, and units are maintained occupied. Hire a virtual assistant specializing in social media management to post building updates, vacant unit ads, and respond to online reviews across your social media channels. When promoting products on platforms like Craigslist, both text and photographs may be posted.

A website for an organization or a building is a marketing tool for promoting your business. Using high-quality pictures, floor plans, and a web gateway to collect online applications may help you save time and money in the real world by making it more straightforward for prospective tenants to apply for a unit. If you lack the requisite abilities, your virtual assistant may assist you in setting up, managing, and perhaps designing your website.

  • Work-From-Home Aides And Money Management

You don’t want to join your property management software because you have to deal with late payments or pet fees? Use a virtual assistant to perform part of your accounting duties. In addition to data entry, they may scan and submit receipts, balance your bank accounts, and create statements when tenants move out.

When doing due research on possible investments, an assistant with expertise in dealing with real estate investors may be helpful. They will scrutinize cap rate calculations, market rental analyses, and comparisons. If you’re in the business of buying and selling homes or other real estate assets, you have to keep track of a lot of moving pieces. All people engaged in the housing and insurance sectors, including property owners and tenants, realtors and mortgage brokers,

How To Identify And Hire A Virtual Assistant: The Best Practices

How do you choose a virtual assistant who is a suitable fit for you and your company’s objectives and goals? Find a virtual assistant by speaking with local realtors, publishing job listings, contacting virtual assistant businesses directly, or doing an online search.

  • Having A Real Estate Assistant On Hand Is A Fantastic Idea.

When you’re stressed out, it’s simple to hire the first person that comes along. There’s more to it than that! Determine what you need before beginning the hunt for a new employee. Using this information may help you restrict your search and find the ideal individual.

  • Set-Up Procedures For Your Real Estate Virtual Assistant To Follow.

Be prepared to train and onboard new team members before employing them. These guidelines should include all they need to know.

  • Have A Discussion With Your Virtual Assistant.

What’s the purpose of employing an assistant if you haven’t carefully researched their references? You may utilize them to save time, but if they don’t input data correctly, are rude to a tenant, or don’t follow through, they might ruin your firm.

If you hire a virtual assistant or get a suggestion, be sure to question them about their experience, study the software they’ve used, and verify their references.


Whatever your motivation for employing a virtual assistant for real estate investors, once you grasp what a virtual assistant can do for you, from automating everyday tasks to locating excellent deals, you’ll be well on your way to reaching your corporate objectives.