Top 5 Jewellery Items that you must have in your Jewellery Box

Pink Tourmaline Jewellery

Accessorizing with jewellery is an easy way to elevate your outfit and express yourself. Although we’re all aware of wardrobe essentials such as the little black dress and blue jeans, Staple pieces allow you to go from day to night effortlessly and still look polished.

Since ancient times, jewellery has always expressed the connection between a person and the most important events in his life, such as baptisms, confirmations, engagements, weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. There are pieces of pink tourmaline jewellery gifted to loved ones, jewellery items handed down from generation to generation, or chosen and bought to accompany you in your life. A jewel is a part of you, of your style and your outfit.

Therefore, some jewellery items must not be missing in your jewellery box. Here are our nomination 5 must-have pink tourmaline jewellery items you must-have in the jewellery box for a special touch for any occasion.

A silver bracelet

The history of the bracelets dates back to the Bronze Age. The Egyptians had a religious and spiritual meaning, while the women of ancient Greece and the Roman Patrician women used to wear them above their elbows. The bracelet also symbolizes an endless cycle that can have a thousand meanings. Worn with an elegant dress that reveals your arms, it is that special touch to refine your dress code. You may find the silver bracelet with pink tourmaline jewellery stones that suits you better within the nomination collection.

The cocktail ring

The cocktail model must not be missing among every woman’s must-have rings. It was designed in the Roaring Twenties when one of the most important fashion revolutions was born. During Prohibition, girls used to wave their hands adorned with gaudy rings to order drinks. That’s where its name comes from the cocktail ring, a sparkly jewel able to give elegance even to the most basic dress.

Light point necklace

One of the essential jewellery pieces for every woman is the light point necklace with a pink tourmaline jewellery stone composed of a chain and a small pendant. It is a simple, basic, refined, and classy jewel, ideal for a birthday present or special occasion, and able to express all your femininity.

Perls earrings

Earrings are precious jewellery items that adorn your lobes and fully reflect your personality, much more than your star sign. Let’s start with the timeless must-have jewellery, the Pearl Earrings. Divas, princesses, and even first ladies of all times have elegantly worn these iconic earrings.

Hoop earrings

The hoop earrings are always fashionable, beautiful, and timeless. They are the must-have earrings of gritty girls of all ages. Madonna consecrated them in the 1980s; they became real style icons in the 90s. Today supermodels also wear them on the catwalk, and influencers take them to any exotic destination. They can be worn every day with casual but refined outfits and are perfect for glamorous evenings. These are the top 5 jewellery items you must have in your jewellery box as these are the jewellery staples, and you can rock them at any event.