Mumbai To Goa Cruise – Things to do

Mumbai To Goa Cruise


We all want to feel the sea breeze, see the Milky Way and see crystal clear sunrises and sunsets over the ocean. Every moment of the cruise has its own story to tell, be it the starry sky or the endless blue water. By any standard, a cruise from Mumbai to Goa is no ordinary trip. 

 Mumbai and Goa cruises are popular tourist destinations for those who want to explore the beautiful beaches, relax on the beautiful beaches and explore the many attractions. The most famous  exotic marine life and personal hospitality cruises are Angriya Cruise and Cordelia Cruise. These two cruises from Mumbai to Goa are equipped with many amenities for their hospitality and excellent service. There is a swimming pool, a casino, a bar and a beautiful spa where you can relax. A cruise vacation is one of the most memorable experiences of your life. Enjoy a luxury cruise from Mumbai to Goa for a unique and unforgettable experience. 

 1.  Angriya ship 

 Angriya Cruise is India’s first cruise line to start operations  from Mumbai to Goa in October 2018. Named after Sarkhel Kanhoji Angre, the first admiral of the Maratha Navy, Angriya, popularly known as the “Shivaji of the Indian Sea “, is 131 meters long and 17 meters wide. 

  Angriya Cruise is a luxury ship that can accommodate 

00 passengers and 70 participants. The trip takes about 17 hours, but in the meantime you can make the most  of your trip by participating in various fun activities. 

 Start and Stop Here 

 The ship departs Victoria Docks, Mumbai at 

:00 PM and arrives at Mormagao Cruise Terminal, Goa at 9:00 AM the next day. There are 



 cabins  available for domestic use in Angriya-Mumbai and Goa. 

 Double cabins (with luxury bathrooms and king-size beds), family rooms, guest rooms and deluxe types and accommodation Angriya has five different types of cabins. 


 Endless Lake 

 Spa is in dry dock 

 There are two resorts (Marevalo and Sorro Di) 

 Column 3 (Aguada, Gaaz, Goaf) (Aguada, Gaaz, Goaf) 

 There are two restaurants (Coral  and Sea Breeze) ) ) 

 3 Open Beds (View, Hammock, Swim Bed) 


 1, Cup (Ancora) 

 Angriya Ferry  Mumbai to Goa fare 

  Angriya Ferry Mumbai to Goa fare ranges from Rs 6,130 to 10,1130 per person,. There are several rooms, each with its own ticket price. Dinner, breakfast on board, tea/drinks and dinner are extra charges. Angriya cruises from Mumbai to Goa offer you  the perfect environment to relax and enjoy the marine life. 

 2.  Cordelia Ship 

 Jurgen Bailon,  Waterways Leisure Tourism Pvt Ltd. chairman and managing director, founded Cordelia Cruises as the first cruise company in India. True to its name, Cordelia aims to develop and promote the country’s cruise culture through fashion, beauty and above all, an authentic Indian experience. Cordelia Cruise is India’s first multi-purpose cruise line that offers the best in entertainment, exciting activities and exceptional cuisine while offering hospitality to the world at sea. Experience the beauty of the water on the Empress of Cordelia cruise. 

 The cruise has been specially designed and catered to the Indian public as well as Indian international travelers who want to experience the essence of Indian culture, cuisine and hospitality. It also promotes the growth of tourism and related businesses. It can accommodate 2000 passengers from Mumbai to Goa. 

 Start and End 

  Cordelia Ferry departs Mumbai at 

:00 PM and arrives in Goa at 7:00 AM. Guests stay on board for two nights and three days to complete the trip. 


 The children’s area is intended for young people 10-13 years old. 2

h medical care 


  Marquee theater and bar 

 Beach restaurant 

 Hair salon and  spa 

 Gym and war games 

 poker  machines 

 Room design 

 Cordelia Cruises offers 36 mini suites, 162 accommodations and 9320 guest rooms. Mumbai to Goa. Accommodation and services are also offered to elderly and disabled travelers. Fares for 

 Cordelia Ferry from Mumbai to Goa 

 Cordelia Cruises from Mumbai to Goa are Rs 18,600 per person for two nights and three days. 

 Cordelia Cruise has a luxurious cabin with a magnificent view of the sea. It is the perfect blend of fun, relaxation and luxury and an unforgettable experience in every aspect. A wonderful panoramic view opens of the Arabian Sea. Cordelia Cruise offers  the best in entertainment. Movie lovers can come out on the deck and share  and enjoy the cinema experiences with others. 

 Cruise Do and Don’ts 


 Book ahead. 

 Explore the ship, including different locations and services. 

 Pack a sweater or jacket, as restaurants and theaters can get hot at night. 

 Make important  calls before surfing due to network problems and no wifi connection. 

 What not to do: 

 Avoid trying to maintain a dangerous position in the chair. 

 Let your children play in the street. 

 Don’t let the music down.