Kuhn Zigler: CEO at Ziglerconstruct


Kuhn Zigler is known to be the president and CEO of Ziglerconstruct. As the founder of Ziglerconstruct for the past years, he’s played a significant role in ensuring the organization moves forward to becoming a top steel fabricator globally. 

With a degree in mechanical engineering, Kuhn utilized his technical and managerial skills to handle steelworks. He also extended the wing to the niche of construction,  the power generation sector, oil and gas production, water & sewer plants, and even the industrial sector.

With his commitment to the organization, he was also able to develop a strong organization with improved production processes and profitability. His emotional attachment also enabled him to maneuver through the unhealthy competition amid crisis, giving the company a new outlook to withstand the competitive environment, strive well, and achieve its goals.

Kuhn also worked on maintaining solid relationships and building teams; therefore, he amalgamated most of the existing small fabrication businesses into the company by consistently awarding them subcontracts, a move that has dramatically improved their living standards.

Focusing on employees’ interests, they’ve also managed to stay even at tough times based on Kuhn’s transparency despite other companies offering pay raises. Khun is also a good listener and slow to act concerning decision making. In scenarios where there are disagreements with suppliers and distributors, Kuhn will always choose to sit on the fence and listen without judging. Therefore the company’s conflict resolution is based on the collective agreement of the company’s stakeholders other than the individual approach, as many would expect.

As the saying goes, ” change is inevitable”, Ziglerconstruct is compelled to make a crucial decision that would affect the company by considering a degree of democracy before making implementations. 

As for Ziglerconstruct, Kuhn is interested in management and the innovation process. Therefore he invested most of the time brainstorming new innovative approaches that seemed helpful in solving problems the world faces, such as a steady increase in steel prices. 

Besides managing the organization, Kuhn also manages on-field projects in construction and highway operation. He actively gets involved in the design and implementation of megaprojects, where he ensures that he uses Ziegler Construct to leverage the production costs that are to be expected. He’s also keen on managing the organization’s finances as he firmly believes the company’s future depends on profit made and the cash flow experienced within a given time. 


Ziglerconstruct has been successful due to good leadership and the staff who works diligently to ensure that products and services are offered in the right quantity and quality. Above all, Kuhn Zigler played a significant role in ensuring the company thrives by utilizing his leadership skills while expanding his knowledge to ensure the company meets its vision. 

CEO at Ziglerconstruct