How do you prepare for corporate Headshots? The ultimate guide


Corporate portraits are vital to creating a positive image for your business. It is essential to consider the message you want to convey and dress accordingly. For instance, the law firm may prefer suits and appear more professional. In contrast, a business owner with a flair for creativity may prefer an informal and casual look by using a headshot. Portraits can help you to personalize your company, no matter if they’re editorial or professional. According to corporate photography Toronto, here’s how to dress for corporate photo shoots. What you should wear, how to stand and other factors that ensure you give the best impression.

Two portrait types

Two kinds of corporate headshots differ from one another: professional and editorial portraits. The headshot photographer Markham understands the difference and creates the best.

Editorial Portrait

Editorial headshots are generally used in the context of work. This is a unique and innovative approach that is more appealing than a standard background yet considered to be professional. For instance, chefs may shoot editorial photos in the kitchen wearing the chef’s headdress. This kind of headshot is typically found in magazines as well as online.

Professional Portrait

Professional headshots are generally taken in a photography studio using neutral backgrounds and special lighting to ensure that the sole attention is focused upon the individual. When it comes to framing, the shoulders of the subject and the high top of the bust are generally prominent. Office wear can be formal or casual based on the business and the image it wishes to project.

Big companies frequently employ professional portraits to show their employees’ personalities; however, they can also be utilized on social media websites like Linkedin and Twitter and for CVs for personal profile photos. Finding the right balance for the headshot can be difficult. Here are the essential tips to get a great headshot that receives an enthusiastic response!

It is essential to think about the following when taking corporate headshots:

Your look

It is essential to consider what you’re best at. Certain people are self-conscious about particular facial particular features. Photographers are used to seeing that. Therefore, please don’t be ashamed to inform them. For instance, the eye of one is more prominent than the other. In this instance, photographers can point you towards one side to make both eyes appear identical in size.

Your smile

Many people can tell if they smile using their teeth or not. Even for professional headshots smiling both without and with your teeth can be beneficial, and you should smile however you are most at ease. A forced smile doesn’t look good and could cause you to appear unprofessional. You must be able to see a genuine smile when you look into someone’s eyes. The best tip is to think of something or someone who can make you laugh. This will help relax you and provide you with a charming smile!

headshot with smiling

What should you wear?

Think of the classic.

For men… Select your favourite suit, preferring a dark hue like navy blue or grey. The bold patterns, colours, and shiny ties can distract you from your appearance and appear unprofessional. If you don’t want to wear a tie, you’ll want to wear sweatshirts, a jacket, or any other type of clothing to break up the look and avoid appearing like floating heads!

For ladies… Select a professional look or a classic office attire. Avoid striking or distracting patterns, even a few pops of colour here, and there could be okay. Try to avoid short sleeves whenever possible because it can make you look unprofessional and distract the appearance of your face. When it comes to jewellery, everything subtle and classic is acceptable; however, anything blingy or flashy should be avoided. You don’t want people to notice the jewellery on your face!

There’s no strict guideline on what you should wear insofar as the outfit you choose to wear represents your company. For startups, for instance, a more “relaxed” fashion is being adapted. T-shirts, jeans and even trainers are acceptable, and the concept behind this is that you go to work the same way you would in your everyday life.

Your posture

Your body language is essential to look confident. Maintain your posture and keep your shoulders straight. Don’t over-hug your shoulders and think about a ballet dancer’s posture, but be careful not to overdo it, or you’ll appear too rigid. Do not put your hands into your pockets or arms across your chest; this is a sign of closedness and can make your appearance unfriendly. Consider your company’s primary values or morals and share them with your photographer so that they can assist you in expressing these by how you look.


Do not cut or dye your hair before you shoot. This rule is significant for males. Certain shades from freshly-dyed hair might appear too vibrant and then fade a couple of weeks afterwards.


Many people wonder if hiring a makeup artist is an excellent idea. Entirely your decision. Your portrait should be easy to recognize, as you do not want your makeup to overwhelm the image. One good practice is considering the type of makeup you’d wear to a dining-out experience, where the steak will cost you $30, but not 70 dollars.


Corporate Headshots offer potential customers confidence when looking for information on your company. They let them know there’s a natural person behind the products and services you offer. To convey the correct impression and create a positive impression, pick a look and posture that reflects the values of your business. In addition, all you need is a positive and relaxed attitude towards the photo shoot!