Food Allergy Testing In Calgary – Everything You Need To Know!


If you have allergies, you should think about Food Allergy Testing Calgary. For more information, see the post.

Calgary allergy testing can help you figure out which foods are causing you problems. Most allergy symptoms will disappear once you know which foods to avoid. A food allergy test in 

Calgary will enable your doctor to pinpoint the exact source of your problems and determine the best solution to resolve them. Having these tests performed can significantly simplify your life.

How Do Doctors Diagnose Food Allergies?

A food allergy doctor in Calgary may perform several tests to confirm a food allergy. 

  • One test involves pricking the skin to see if there is a reaction. The most common type is the skin test, but there are others. 
  • A blood test for food allergies is less reliable. Blood and skin tests can produce inaccurate results. An elimination diet can also assist doctors in determining food allergies. 

To rule out other medical conditions, a doctor may order blood tests in addition to skin tests. A small amount of blood is sent to a laboratory during a blood test to check the levels of specific food-IgE antibodies. 

  • If the results are positive, the doctor will conduct a food challenge, which involves gradually increasing the amount of a suspected allergen given to the patient until the symptoms disappear. 
  • If a person has an allergic reaction to a food, it is recommended to avoid the food.

Typical Food Allergy Symptoms

People with common food allergies can have severe reactions to various foods. They may develop hives, abdominal pain, and mouth tingling. Some people may also experience dizziness and difficulty breathing. 

While no specific treatments exist for food allergies, it is critical to seek medical advice if you suspect you are allergic to a particular food. 

Furthermore, true food allergies are uncommon. They are frequently misdiagnosed as other illnesses. While food intolerance is less severe than allergy, many adults are confused about the differences. Discrimination affects only the digestive system, whereas an allergy affects the entire body. 

A true food allergy can result in anaphylaxis, a potentially fatal reaction in sporadic cases. This allergic symptom gets frequently triggered by a specific ingredient or food additive.

IgG and IgE – Allergy Testing 

Food allergies can range from mild to severe.

  • One of the first steps in diagnosing them is through skin tests. The patient will be exposed to a suspected allergen, and their reactions will be recorded. 
  • Another standard method for determining a food allergy is blood tests. This test extracts a vital component from a sample of the patient’s serum. This test confirms that the patient’s serum contains the appropriate antibodies to a specific food.
  • An IgG test measures the number of antibodies produced in the body by the allergen. This antibody is stored in body tissue and causes inflammation, which causes a variety of health problems. The test is suitable for people of all ages and is available as a clinical test and a home kit. Typically, the results take seven to ten days. Food allergies in adults and children can be diagnosed using an IgG test.
  • ALCAT – Food Sensitivity Testing 

An ALCAT Test evaluates over 450 food and chemical compounds and medicinal herbs to determine if you have an intolerance or sensitivity to one of these substances.

There are numerous reasons to have ALCAT Food Sensitivity Testing in Calgary. Food sensitivity can cause various symptoms, including migraines, aching joints, and fatigue. 

The results will help you create a personalized nutrition plan based on your immune system and symptoms. They can also help you avoid various clinical signs associated with food sensitivity. In addition to the test, you will receive a wallet card to help you with your daily shopping trips.

The test itself is reasonably priced. A standard 120 food antigen test costs approximately $375, a typical 160 food antigen test costs roughly $450, and a 200-food antigen test costs roughly $500. 

If you are unsure which test to take, you can select one of these three. Standard tests are available through various medical practices, and the lab will advise you on which foods to avoid if you suspect you have food sensitivities.

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