Everything About Pu Injection

pu injection

Bathroom, balcony, roof, and wall waterproofing are all areas of expertise for a Singaporean company that offers waterproofing services. Regarding waterproofing, we are one of the top companies, and we only utilize the highest quality products for commercial and residential properties. Services range from concrete sawing and drilling through crack injection, concrete sealing, and substantial protection against cancer.

Most homeowners in Singapore, a tropical nation, are concerned about water leakage issues. It is a severe worry since our varied temperatures throughout the year may cause fractures to appear on the walls of our residential structures. As a result, preventative measures to seal your property against water leakage or seepage are essential.

The Causes Of Water Seepage And Leaking In Buildings

Brand-new houses should not have water leakage or seepage concerns if designed appropriately. But as these buildings age, upkeep and fixes become essential. In the event of a water leak or seepage, homeowners should take notice. When such difficulties are initially identified, bring in a professional to take over so that there will be minimal interruption to your everyday life.

Which Issues Do Homes Have With Water Seepage And Leakage?

The following issues are familiar sources of stress for homeowners:

  • Seepage and wall leakage
  • Ceiling Leakage and Seepage
  • Substantial Seepage and Roof Leaks
  • Homeowners of landed properties have two extra challenges:
  • Seepage and Leakage in the Structure
  • Architectural Leakage and Seepage
  • To what extent do leaks often occur in Singapore?
  • Houses in Singapore often leak because of foundation or wall flaws.

Exactly Why Would You Want To Make Your Property Watertight?

If you want to avoid expensive repairs from water leaks and seepage, waterproofing your property is essential during construction or renovation. If you invest in the safety of your house from the outset, you’ll save time and money later on.

Simple Labor

As an additional service, we also paint and repaint structures once we have waterproofed them. We have been undertaking painting jobs for business properties and increasing our reach for residential projects.


Painting or repainting a room is an inexpensive way to give your house a facelift. The cost will vary with the square footage of your home, so be sure to contact us for an estimate.

Epoxy crack injection and polyurethane crack injection are both types of pu injection in which a pressured resin such as epoxy or polyurethane is injected into a foundation crack. Water in your basement should no longer be an issue thanks to the injection pressures that fill fractures across the whole length of a ceiling wall, which is usually 200-300cm thick.

Whenever a poured concrete cracks leaks, or if there is the worry that an existing fracture may leak, this concrete crack repair is required to complete the basement-waterproofing project. Pressurized crack injection is also the most affordable technique to repair a damp, leaking poured concrete basement; in actuality, removing a poured concrete foundation wall is seldom required.