Do Parents Want to Monitor their Kid’s Online Activities with Spy Software For Android

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As a parent, you have to stay conscious about what your child is doing on the internet. Where the internet is ruling in every corner of the world it has some demerits too. Proper supervision of your child is necessary to save them from obscene behaviors that can result in dangerous acts. There is only one solution and that is to restrict your child from using their gadgets and doing activities online. But this act can create conflict between you and your child. So, instead of restricting them, you can monitor them through online software that can spy on them for you without even letting them know. Spy software for android and its amazing features is very useful in this regard. Let’s discuss them in detail and decide whether we as a parent should get it installed or not.

Monitor their Text Messages

Monitor all the text messages and group conversations on your kid’s computer through this wonderful app. Whatever they are doing on different platforms on social media like Facebook, Snapchat, and WhatsApp, all can be seen and observed through this app. You can see their chats with close friends and strangers. In case anyone tries to harm them, you can catch them on the spot.

Check their Call Log on Social Apps

This is one of the most versatile features that you can check all the incoming and outgoing calls on your kid’s device. And this superb app has made this possible that you can keep a strict eye on your kid’s online activities and guide them properly if they are going to commit any mistake.

Check the Browsing History Out

As described earlier internet has demerits too. Your teen is at such a tender age that his mind is still developing. Sometimes it is difficult for them to process what is right and what is wrong. Due to this, they can get exposed to inappropriate stuff over there that surely takes a mental toll on their health. To avoid these stations this app has proven to be very handy.

Screen Recording

With this app, you can take screenshots and can-do screen recordings of your child’s device if necessary. If they are spending too much time online and not giving proper attention to their studies then you can surely give them an ultimatum regarding it.


This is another amazing feature for your kid’s monitoring provided by this app. You can now count the number of letters and words they are typing. Through this feature, if they are involved in sexting then you will get updated about it and you can create the boundaries for your child.

Call Recorder

Call recording is another way to keep an eye on your kid’s activities and keep them safe from the dangers of this world. if your child is reluctant to tell you that they are in a toxic relationship and are extremely scared due to someone blackmailing them then you can record their calls and get to know them deeper for their good.

Block Unnecessary Apps and Websites

The software helps in blocking all the unnecessary apps that are installed by your kid and all the inappropriate websites that your kid is visiting. This way you can create a safe digital environment for your kid.

Manage their Social Media

Social media is the biggest shark that is eating our youth up if mishandled. A huge percentage of cybercrime is directly related to it. So, by this app, you can check their accounts on social media and see their stuff to know if they are good to go or need some amendments.

Listen to Your Kid’s Life

Through this feature, you can listen to your loved one live. You can get all the information about their live calls and observe if there is any problem going on in their life.

Save Your Child from Horrendous Acts

Internet is not a safe place, especially for children who are in their teens and early tweens due to their minds still developing. By using such a handy spy app, you can save your child from the world of danger.

For parents who want to monitor their kid’s online activities, OgyMogy Spy Software For Android serves the purpose.