Easy Phone Maintenance Tips By Montreal’s Cell Phone Repair Experts

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Undoubtedly, one of the most valuable things today in everyone’s life is their cell phone which contains thousands of memories in the form of pictures, friends, and texts. It makes sense that we should be aware of the best practices for maintaining our smartphones so they function properly for as long as possible.

The lifespan of a cell phone is typically about two to three years, but with the right maintenance, it can go even longer. You may take many steps to shield your cell phone from harm or early death.  With the help of Montreal’s cell phone repair experts, we have compiled a list of some of these effective methods.

Before investing in a new phone, have a look at our suggestions for cell phone maintenance.

Phone Maintenance Tips By Montreal’s Cell Phone Repair Experts

Buy a Durable Phone Case

Make sure you have a case for your phone. The sleek back of a new phone can feel good to many people, but if it cracks, then you won’t like it as much.

A quality case must be durable, enduring, and, preferably, water-resistant and shock resistant.

Your phone will sustain little to no damage if you accidentally drop it when it has a case on.

Buy a Screen Protector

This is another essential if you wish to preserve the state of your smartphone for as long as possible. Touchscreens are susceptible to fingerprint blotches, scratches, and breaks if not protected with a screen protector.

Your smartphone will have additional security if you use a screen protector. Even though the protector may have breaks and cracks, if it’s a quality one, it won’t appear on your smartphone’s screen underneath.

The finest option is, without a doubt, tempered glass. Tempered glass will make the screen extra resistant to scratching and other obvious damage because it is thicker and more durable than plastic covers.

Keep it Clean

Both your well-being and your phone’s well-being depend on keeping your smartphone clean. You’ll need to get rid of all the germs since cell phones are ten times more filthy than toilet seats. Remember, an accumulation of dust can affect the functionality of your smartphone.

Take Care of its Battery

For many people, their device’s battery dies first.  First, purchasing a smartphone with a long battery life is a good idea. However, you must also understand how to maintain a healthy battery. The lifespan of your cell phone’s battery can be increased by maintaining it.

However, you can try a few other things to keep the battery performing well. Caring for your battery depends greatly on how you recharge your smartphone.

Keep Your Applications and OS Updated

Your smartphone will ask you to download and install applications and software upgrades on iOS and Android smartphones. Today, iOS 16.2 is the operating system upgrade for iPhones, and Android smartphones are using Android 13.

To keep your smartphone operating at its best, keep its software updated to add and enhance security features and other improvements. If you decide not to install these, your phone will run more slowly, and you’ll likely get a virus.

Similarly, apps frequently ask to be updated via Google Play or the Apple Store. By updating them, the application will work more quickly and be clear of any issues that previously made it sluggish.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Applications

Your smartphone may run slower the more data you load onto it. To free up memory and prevent your smartphone from upgrading or operating apps in the background, you can uninstall them.

Try Not to Drop it

You should try to prevent dropping your smartphone, especially on rough surfaces. Your smartphone is more likely to survive a drop if it is protected by a case and screen protector. Your smartphone may shatter and crack without such protection, making it useless or impossible for the cell phone repair technician to repair.

Avoid Extreme Temperature Changes

Through battery damage, extreme heat or cold can severely affect your phone’s performance. Batteries must be turned off and allowed to cool down if they become too hot because they do not perform well in severe heat.

Additionally, because the phone could get too hot, you should refrain from overcharging it.

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How do I keep my phone in pristine condition?

Following are some things you can do:

  • Keep it clean.
  • Clear cache.
  • Activate security settings.
  • Optimise battery.
  • Remove Bloatware.
  • Use the latest software version available.

Can my phone last ten years?

Yes, with good maintenance, it is possible to make your phone last for at least ten years.

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