pitfalls of innovation

How not to kill your innovation: Avoiding 3 pitfalls of new product development

Here are three common pitfalls of innovation and insights on how to avoid them It...
tax refund

Easy Tips to Enhance Your Tax Refund

Without any doubt, tax time isn’t fun for anyone. It is stressful to get your math right, complete the documentation,...

Understanding the benefits of Bankruptcy: A Debtor’s Boon

While considering the major decision of bankruptcy, the most likely inputs received are from friends, family, articles, and many other sources,...
style of management

Is there a distinctive West coast style of management?

West Coast managers are practicing their own style of management. Is a manager just a manager or does geography...
innovations developed

Industry 4.0: How India can build for the future

By 2023, the competitive advantage of business in all industries will be driven primarily by innovations developed in artificial...
thoughtful reviews

Who are these people who write thousands of Amazon product reviews?

They don’t get paid, but they do get tons of free stuff. In the...

Why businesses that declare bankruptcy don’t always die

Businesses from American Airlines to American Apparel have filed for Chapter 11. Why haven’t they closed?

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