Zachary Bader: Co-founder of VR Products and ZJ Events.


Zachary Bader cofounded ZJ events and his partner Jason Monti. After noticing that many international cities lacked access and exposure to vape products, he identified an opportunity to create a customer base for vendors by hosting expos and conferences in the same cities. ZJ events held their first expos in Medellin, Colombia, with 10 thousand attendees over three days. After attending several trade shows, they showed an opportunity to build upon their experience and create an event that combined the best they had seen with their notion of what was missing in these business gatherings.

about ZJ events

While working with an event planning company or any business, event planners play the most significant role. The work out to ensure everything that relates to the event is taken care of, including idea conception, reception, and day-of logistics. With everything in concern, Zachary Bader and his team are charged with creating an exceptional experience that brings all visions to life. Above all, an event planner is adept at juggling many tasks. 

ZJ Events facilitates B2B and B2C networking by vertically incorporating the event’s target industry and its complementary services into an unrivaled trade show experience.

The ZJ events team ensures all vendors solely focus on conferences, seminars, or any event planned while covering each detail. Zachary Bader believes that perfectly planned and delightful details events are worth full. The ZJ team puts their customers ahead of everything, creating a world-class experience that will make each event memorable by managing the production from concept through completion. They also protect their client’s privacy, and they’ll never sell or distribute any of their contact information.

What are the benefits accrued from trade shows events?

With the personal interaction from trade show events, it’s quick to establish a direct and most effective relationship with clients. A healthy and robust relationship always assures a promising future while maintaining connections, thriving off of business,  and networking with the respective clients. According to Zachary Bader, it can establish a client base through compiling email lists or using business cards. 


Since its establishment, ZJ events objective has always been to create a world-class event in the nation and gather the best business under the same roof. Besides adhering to their core values, they also maintain to provide fun to all attendees with an exceptional experience that promotes business networking within the industry. There’s also a unique set of qualities that makes them stay competitive and become the best.