Beginners Guide On How To Buy Bitcoin On ATM Near Dix Eureka Rd


Bitcoin ATMs are gaining more popularity each day. According to studies, there are more than 1,200 bitcoin ATMs globally. The bitcoin ATMs help people to buy bitcoin around their region. With increased fraud cases on online transactions, many people prefer to purchase bitcoin from nearby bitcoin ATMs. This article shall discuss a guide on using Bitcoin ATM near Dix Eureka Rd or any other nearby Bitcoin ATM when buying bitcoin. 

A step-by-step guide to buying bitcoin at Bitcoin ATM 

Step 1. Locate the nearest bitcoin ATM near you

The best way to find the nearest bitcoin ATM is to use an online search engine. All you need is to search “bitcoin ATMs near me,” and you will see the nearest Bitcoin ATMs.

The one nearest you is displayed on the screen. If you cannot find it there, update your search engine results by predicting new ones.

Also, some of the Bitcoin ATMs may be offline or are not listed on their websites yet. It will be fine to take screenshots of it for later time use. 

Step 2. Decide the amount you want to spend on bitcoin

The amount of bitcoin you’re planning to buy in one go depends entirely on your budget. Decide an amount you are comfortable with, and then input it into the machine. The benefit of having a fixed budget is to ensure you do not overspend when buying bitcoin. 

Step 3. Have a pre-downloaded Bitcoin wallet on your phone

You will need a pre-downloaded Bitcoin wallet on your phone to save the private key generated by your bitcoin ATM. The Bitcoin ATM will generate a private key for you and show it on-screen.

Step 4. Start the bitcoin buying process

Select the amount you want to use to buy bitcoin at the ATM. Then, enter the amount in cash into the ATM and press the “Buy Bitcoins” button. The machine will display the amount you have already paid as a deposit.

Step 5. Scan the QR code on the ATMs screen using your phone on the Bitcoin wallet app

Scanning the generated QR CODE with your pre-downloaded Bitcoin wallet on your phone will transfer the private key to it and complete the transaction. The ATM will process the transaction and then display a message confirming its success.

Step 6. Confirm the bitcoin receiving address and amount 

The confirmation of the successful transaction will be displayed on the screen of ATMs and the amount you will receive in your Bitcoin wallet app. 

Why use bitcoin ATMs near me? 

There are several advantages to using bitcoin ATMs near me. The first is that this is the safest method of buying bitcoin. The second advantage is that you can buy bitcoins anytime and anywhere. If you have experience with Bitcoin, you will conclude that it does not require any registration or ID verification. For the people who do not want their private information to be shared with other individuals, Bitcoin ATM near Dix Eureka Rd is the safest place for you to buy bitcoin. 

Final words

The above discussed is an ultimate guide to help beginners on how to buy Bitcoin on ATMs in their local areas. If you are a beginner in bitcoin, this guide will benefit you.