4 Reasons Big Box Stores Are Successful: Bill Schantz

Bill Schantz

Big box stores like Target and Walmart are where America shops yet, online on social media, they get a bad rep for putting your local mom and pop shop out of business. Bill Schantz believes that this is the biggest hypocrisy of our generation.

It is the consumer’s choice to shop with them, putting local store out of business. Big box stores have nothing to do with that, instead they try their best to help them by shopping from them if they offer a local delicacy.

We all frequently visit the big box stores, and we love the freedom of choice they offer, the prices they have, and most importantly, the conveniences they offer. Yet somehow, even after serving you all these benefits, they suffer a bad reputation.

Schantz wants to change this narrative. This is why today we are explaining the top four reasons that make big box stores successful, why we should appreciate them rather than criticizing them for something they have no hand in doing. Here are the following reasons why they are such a huge success:

1.     They Have The Lowest Prices

According to Bill Schantz the first reason big box stores are successful is that they offer you the lowest prices for everything they have. They can do this because they bypass the middlemen and directly deal with the manufacturer due to the volume they buy. Due to the size of their order, no middlemen supplier can offer them a deal that a manufacturer directly can.

2.     Their Convenience is Unrivaled

The second reason for them being a success is the convenience they provide, along with offering you the lowest prices; they even offer you home delivery. So when you are getting all your items delivered to your door at the lowest prices, it is impossible to beat them regardless of the attachment you have for your local shop.

3.     The Ultimate One-Stop-Shop

Another reason they are successful is that they are your ultimate one-stop shop. From a nail to a car, you can buy almost anything over there. The variety they serve ensures that you just have to stop at one single store to get all your items, instead of going to five and still not getting them all.

4.     Additional Membership Benefits

The final reason we believe they are successful is because they have the widest variety and even offer home delivery services. They even have additional membership benefits. These benefits include further discounts and gifts that make you feel valued, gaining your loyalty.

Final Thoughts

Big box stores are one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century yet due to unjust criticism they suffer from an image issue that they have nothing to do with. Through this article, Bill Schantz has tried to explain to you why they are successful and why we should appreciate them.

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