Joe Biden will be standing in between Sanders and Warren

What to expect at the September Democratic debate

All the top candidates will be onstage together for the first time. The third Democratic debate —...
FinCEN’s Final Rule

FinCEN’s Final Rule: New Customer Due Diligence Requirements

The Final Rule refers to the new rules issued by Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (“FinCEN”), under the Bank Secrecy Act,...
voting rights in america

How Shelby County v. Holder upended voting rights in America

On the sixth anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling, civil rights groups say it’s time to fully restore the...
us government

Here’s where the US government is using facial recognition technology to surveil Americans

A new map shows how widespread the use of facial recognition technology is. Across the...
top headlines

Have TV debates been reduced to a mudslinging fest?

"If you watch news at 9 pm on TV, then you will realise why TV is called an idiot...
hide news

How to Hide Bad News

How organisations deal with errors is critical but few seem to be able to do it well, writes a...
joe biden

Why everyone runs for president these days

Former Vice President Joe Biden speaks during a campaign kickoff rally on May 18, 2019, in Philadelphia....

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