Zachary Bader – Co-Founder of Zj Events


Whether organizing a small event or event on a big scale, it is always a challenging and huge task. Organizing an event includes multiple activities which must be done perfectly. No matter whether the event is small or huge, it requires perfect planning and execution with no error. Bringing top personalities and industries under one roof and creating a big network is also the biggest challenge.  

Event planning starts from an idea, establishing budget planning, and leads to promotion and execution. So you have to consider every bit of activity as an important step to make it possible and purposeful. At this point, ZJ Events comes into action and is always ready for you to help you out.

We are a team of dedicated, open-minded, and practically long experienced people who plan, execute and organize your event perfectly. Our team deeply believes in a perfectly planned and delightful event. Event planning is a timeline-based process that must be done as per commitment and desire, and ZJ events value your time and money. So that we always go through a step by step process –   

ZJ Events Step by step approach

  • Understand your goal and objective of the event
  • Set an event budget as per client expectations
  • Set up a dedicated team (Volunteer, Speaker, Planner, Organizer, Executer, and Managers)
  • Discuss and decide the event venue, date, and time
  • Making strategies to promote events & Marketing
  • Find the best sponsors and industry’s expert
  • Final planning on event and Client consideration

Meet our Core People

ZJ Events become possible of two co-founders; one is Jason Monti and Zachary Bader. In their initial days, they also were exhibitions and attended countless shows worldwide. Then after they found something missing in those exhibitions, they noticed that many international cities lacked access and exposure to their products and hosted big exhibitions and events in these cities. Then Zachary Bader decided to overcome all missing points so that he created a platform, ZJ Events, and its first vape expo was hosted in Medellin, Colombia. It was a huge success show with ten thousand attendees. Zachary Bader ensures you a successful event and helps create a big network of your client base. Establishing a direct interaction with the client helps in a long business relationship.