Wrap Carriers For Newborns: Just What You Need To Know!

Wrap Carrier For Newborn

When shopping for a wrap carrier for your newborn, you should know what to look for. Continue reading!

Make careful to correctly adjust it before using it to support the infant firmly. The wrap’s ends should be knotted in a double knot beneath the bottom of the baby’s legs, either on the front or rear body. The cross should support the baby’s bottom from knee to knee without cutting the skin.

This post will look at three popular newborn wraps: the Solly Baby Carrier Wrap and the Classic Boba Wrap. We’ll also go over the Baby K’tan Original and the Baby Born Wrap. Along with these popular wrap carriers for infants, here are some crucial guidelines for choosing a baby carrier.

The following advice will assist you in selecting the best one for your youngster.

How to Choose the Best Newborn Wrap Carriers

If you want to locate the most excellent baby carrier, you must first learn to choose the best wraps. 

  • Solly Baby Carrier Wrap

The Solly Baby Carrier Wrap for Newborns is a light and simple sling that enables your infant to relax in a natural posture. It’s Lenzing modal, a rayon fiber derived from Austrian beechwood trees. The Solly is more supportive and has fewer sags than cotton-spandex mixes. It is machine washable and contains a pocket as an extra benefit. You may purchase one at Nordstrom or directly from the manufacturer’s website.

Another alternative is the Solly Baby Loop. This adaptable carrier can accommodate children weighing up to 45 pounds. It’s machine washable and available in several colors. The Solly Baby Loop combines the support of a conventional wrap with the simplicity of a ring sling. There are four size options available: XS-L, XL-XL, and XXL.

  • Classic Boba Wrap

The Classic Boba Wrap carrier for babies has various advantages. Its soft, somewhat flexible fabric envelops your infant and gives 360-degree support. Its adjustable head and seat straps let you tailor the fit to your baby’s needs. Because of its width, the Boba is a popular option among parents. The Boba is handcrafted in the United States by stay-at-home mothers. It has a 6-yard fabric length.

The fabric is elastic and soft, making it ideal for both you and your newborn infant. It adheres to your baby’s body with few pressure points. 

Furthermore, it is machine-washable and tumble-dryable. The Boba is also available in a bamboo/cotton mix that excels at temperature regulation for your infant. If you’re concerned about your baby’s clothes, test a Boba Wrap before making a final selection.

  • Baby K’tan Original 

The Baby K’tan Original newborn wrap carrier is a hands-free, buckle-free cotton-wrap baby carrier in sizes ranging from XXS to XL. It can grow with your kid because of its one-way stretch, innovative double-loop construction, and reversible design. The Kid K’tan wrap carrier is ideal for every circumstance, whether you’re traveling, shopping, or just wishing to spend time with your baby.

The K’tan is designed to fit tightly, similar to a T-shirt, so size is more significant if you’re expecting a heavier kid. The Baby K’tan, unlike other wrap carriers, comes in specified sizes that match the size of a fitting T-shirt. Choose a size that corresponds to your pre-pregnancy body type to discover the best fit for you and your baby.

  • Baby Bjorn Wrap 

You may be wondering how to utilize BabyBjorn Wrap Carriers with newborn newborns. While they are simple to use, you should consider how long you will use them before deciding which one to buy. The Bjorn Mini is simple to put on and take off, while the Embrace and Izmi are designed to last 9 months and 1 year. Both carriers feature adjustable waistbands, and you may alter the breadth and height of the carrier to fit your baby’s size.

The Baby Bjorn Carrier is a well-known baby carrier that can help calm fussy newborns. The Baby Bjorn is intended to be worn on the chest rather than on the shoulder. This makes it simpler to transport than other carriers and takes minimal storage space when folded. There are several advantages to utilizing BabyBjorn Carriers for neonates. They are simple to use, and your baby will adore them!


First, you may want to look at the available baby wraps. You may get one from a friend or a local parental support group. Some may even offer samples for you to test. You may also get help on fabric selection or try the carrier yourself. 

The more information you have on these wrap carriers for new-born, the better. Visit our shop before deciding on the best one!