Why Hip And Joint Supplements For Large Dogs Are Necessary?

dog hip and joint care

There is a buzz about hip and joint supplements for dogs – when you should give them and why. As science and medicine continue to thrive in the pet industry, hip ad joint supplements for large dogs have been a thing, with many pet parents backing up their effectiveness for their dogs.

Giving hip and joint supplements to dogs promotes healthy joints by establishing improved mobility, reducing joint inflammation, and strengthening your dog’s cartilage and joints. But there are also precautions you should take because some joint supplements for dogs sold in the market are just hype and give little to no benefit to your furbaby.

So, are hips and joint supplements worth it, and at what age should you give dog joint supplements? In this article, you’ll know what joint supplements are and why & when you should give them to your dog.

What Are Dog Hips and Joint Supplements?

Hips and joint supplements for dogs help support your furbaby’s hip and joint health. These supplements contain anti-inflammatory properties that help manage or prevent any joint issues.

The survey says that any dog can develop osteoarthritis. The survey reports that certain large dogs are more likely to develop this condition. Predisposed dogs may include large dog breeds, dogs who suffer from obesity, and dogs who suffer from injuries, joint issues, and aging.

Luckily, certain substances in dog hips and joints can be replenished. This is where hip and joint supplements for large dogs come in and become life-changers. 

What Age Should You Give Your Dogs Joint Supplements?

When should you start giving your dog hip and joint supplements, or at what age should you give dog hip and joint supplements? Can you give puppies joint supplements? The answer? It depends a lot on your dog’s breed. Supplements are safe for all breeds and lifecycle stages. These hip and joint supplements for dogs can help promote joint health and prevent joint issues, so it is beneficial to give to dogs at any age, especially for breeds prone to hip and joint problems. However, all brands may not be safe for puppies, so carefully monitor what supplements you are giving your dog.

Are hip and joint supplements for dogs good? 

Yes! And supplementing is most effective right before your dog shows symptoms of any joint distress. As they say, prevention is always better than cure. Common areas of joint pain in dogs are often found in intervertebral joints (the joints between vertebrae of the spine), hip, shoulder, knee, elbow, and carpus.

Symptoms of any joint distress in your dog can include uneasiness standing up or sitting down, struggles to walk or run, limp leg, swollen joints, and a cracking sound in the hips. However, these signs are more common in older dogs and can still occur at any age.

Though some signs and symptoms are a natural part of aging, consider consulting your vet about your supplement options.

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But remember, joint supplements for dogs are exactly what they are- supplemental. They only enhance the medical management of diseases and are not meant to stand alone as a cure. Hip and joint supplements for dogs work well with a healthy & balanced diet and exercise to help prevent hip and joint issues. Joint medicine dosage for dogs for any joint issues should be discussed with your veterinarian.