While Waiting for a Disability Decision, you can Still find Housing.


It has repeatedly been proven that finding and maintaining quality housing is difficult. Unfortunately, this makes finding quality housing for your family almost impossible.

It can be challenging to navigate a situation with low or no income and children. However, knowing your resources can help you make informed decisions about housing.

Let’s look at the situation and outline resources to help us navigate it.

  • A single parent of 2 children. You want to make the best family decisions.
  • A functional disability is present.
  • You were laid off, fired or denied unemployment benefits.
  • Maintaining your lifestyle doesn’t change. Your bills and your family’s needs don’t cease.
  • Foodshare benefits are available for two children and one adult. You get approximately $500
  • Apply for w2 (welfare-to-work program). You receive $600 monthly for your family (you, the two children).
  • The $600 will pay for rent, electricity, phone, clothing, and personal items for you three for a month. This program allows you to report to your work and is used to help you find a job.

You can move to W2T as a disabled person. This coded program helps you while you wait for a disability decision. It is possible to extend the clock by expanding it. Instead of reporting to work, your doctors and staff will send you to progress reports.

It can take up to 9 years for a person to be diagnosed with a disability.

It can seem impossible to find or maintain housing with all this information. But here are some resources and tools to help you navigate this space.

Disabilities Services Division

Milwaukee County Disabilities Services Division is dedicated to meeting the safety and needs of children and adults with disabilities.

Milwaukee Housing Resource Center

Milwaukee Rental Housing Resource Center (MKE RHRC) is a network of local housing assistance programs. Our goal is to connect the resources and organizations that can help residents with a wide range of housing-related issues. MKE RHRC brings together the expertise of many housing experts in one place, from understanding your rights regarding rental housing to finding legal and mediator services to understand better how to access rental assistance and access training and education.

Eviction-Free MKE

Our goal is for families facing eviction to have the legal support and representation they need when dealing with this life-altering and challenging event. We want to end the 3% facing eviction in Milwaukee County without representation. We stand by the Milwaukee County families and make sure they have the legal representation they need to avoid eviction.

Most tenants have minor issues that can be resolved with common sense and checking reliable resources on landlord-tenant laws, such as a local tenant’s rights group. You will be better informed about the law and your rights. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Tenant Rights section provides links to various local and state resources. These include links to fair housing groups and rent control boards. You can also find links for tenant unions and legal aid organizations in each state. Many legal aid websites will provide helpful information about tenant rights even if you are not eligible for legal assistance services. You will find many valuable articles and blogs about tenant rights. These include breaking a lease, mould in rentals, small claims court, and security deposit disputes. This local apartment eviction lawyer is familiar with landlord-tenant laws and has extensive experience fighting illegal evictions. If the circumstances warrant, a lawyer might suggest creative strategies or solutions to your displacement.