What Makes San Francisco Sourdough The Best?

san francisco sourdough starter

San Francisco’s best Sourdough is at its bakery. An extended period has passed, yet it still holds up. Quality above mass production kept them open through earthquakes and wars. San Francisco bakeries always stock Sourdough. San Francisco’s famed bakeries have more tasty treats. Visiting various local shops is the best way to get to know a place for San Francisco sourdough starter.

What Is Sourdough?

Sourdough uses the wild yeast Saccharomyces exiguous instead of the active commercial yeast used in most other types of bread. However, this is not the cause of the bread’s sour flavour. While it is true that sourdough bread is leavened with natural wild yeast, not all wild-yeast loaves have an overtly sour flavour. Even more importantly, it is not the wild yeast but the acids produced by the numerous bacteria that inhabit the dough that cause the bread to taste sour. These acids cause a decrease in the dough’s pH, releasing a wave of flavours, most notably the sourness characteristic of Sourdough. It is the invisible world of microbes, hard at work all the time, shaping their environment like bread dough.” One can purchase the original San Francisco sourdough starter only on www.culturestolove.com. 

How To Make Sourdough?

While there are volumes dedicated to the intricacies of making this miraculous loaf of bread, here’s the nutshell version: wild yeast is collected. (When I was in college, I used unwashed grapes to harvest wild yeast for Sourdough.) The mixture is then used to make a starter out of flour and water. The carbon dioxide gas released by the wild yeast’s digestion of the flour and water is responsible for the bread’s wonderful light texture.

Why Is San Francisco’s Sourdough Special?

Sourdough is one of those foods that almost everyone who enjoys eating will immediately link with San Francisco. The lactic and acetic acids that contribute to the sour taste are created when environmental bacteria work on the sugars in the flour alongside the yeast. Varied bacteria make different sour flavours; San Francisco is swamped in native bacterium species that make its sourdough bread famous. Sourness in some ryes and many other pieces of bread is good in and of itself.” San Francisco makes the city’s sourdough bread so delicious. That could be a bit nasty to some people, but they find it incredible.

Final Words…!!!

Not only does Sourdough taste better in some regions, but so do many other foods. And so they return to their original point: nothing in life is better than a decent beer and some sourdough bread. If you love San Francisco sourdough starter, order it online only at www.culturestolove.com.