What Makes An Aerospace Machine Shop Tucson AZ, A Precision Machine Shop?

aerospace machine shop, Tucson Az
aerospace machine shop, Tucson Az

Businesses and governments turn to machine firms across the country when they need precision machined parts such as control panels, shroud sets, and gearbox housings. What makes an aerospace machine shop Tucson, AZ or firm a smart choice in aerospace machining? It all boils down to quality and capability in most cases.

The Right Certifications

You can ensure quality by using the correct certifications. The right certifications are essential for any customer who needs landing-gear components or precision-machined aerospace components for a satellite system.

In-House Tools

Time is always a consideration when it comes to aerospace component contract manufacturing. Although advanced machinery is essential for complex CNC machining, it’s not enough if the tools aren’t able to accommodate the part’s specifications. In-house tooling is crucial for aerospace machining. Why? In-house development of custom tools and fixtures can result in significant time savings for both the first piece inspection and full-scale production.

Modern Equipment

The latest equipment delivers the quality you expect. When it comes to providing the precision required for aerospace machining, investing in high-end equipment and training is crucial. This isn’t limited to the “big guns” on the shop floor. Aerospace machine shops that are the best will have sophisticated tooling and quality assurance systems. These systems are regularly calibrated and organized to support lean manufacturing. 

Baron is a top choice for aerospace parts and components because of its many horizontal milling centers as well as advanced spherical grinder capabilities.

Skill, Education, and Support

Without a skilled team of engineers and machinists, even the best CNC machining centers can’t be achieved. You want a team that is well-trained, educated, and experienced when you choose an aerospace machining company. Are you getting that? Engineers and machinists who understand the relationship between design constraints, machining, and other factors will always produce better results. Even if your designs are provided for your machinist, the ability to modify models and an eye for design improvements can make a big difference in time and money.

Faster and More Accurate Production

Precision machined components are usually more efficient than manual production, which can lead to mistakes by even the most skilled workers. The aerospace industry can save money on waste materials, error corrections, and lost work hours by ensuring a precise and quicker production process.

Efficient Machining Tools In an aerospace machine shop Tucson, AZ, multiple axes allow for the machine to move. 5-axis CNC machines enable the aerospace machine shop to go beyond 3D machining and allow for the creation of complex parts. The quality control of high-end machining tools is also improved by higher accuracy capabilities.