What is a Smoke Pencil, and how is it Used?


The Smoke Pencil is an explicit draught detector for pinpointing air leaks and following down hard-to-find gaps. Once the trigger is ironed, a plume of smoke-like substance is free. This can be truly generated from a harmless glycerine-like fluid, giving off a rather sweet smell. However, you can free the trigger to stop smoke, making it extremely manageable.

About the smoke pencil 

The smoke pencil helps identify a smoke point in a home; skilled Energy auditors and HVAC installers use the Smoke Pencil puffer stick. A tiny quantity of smoke is made from the non-toxic smoke pencil to assist you in spotting drafts in your home. By pulling the trigger on the smoke pencil, close to the world wherever you think that the draft is, watch the movement of the smoke to visualize how the air is moving. Options just like the light-weight at the top of the smoke pencil leave simple recognition. The Smoke Pencil is straightforward to use and comes with a three-bottle of smoke fluid with a special filling tube.

The amount of smoke made is up to you. The smoke isn’t harmful. It’s the same as the smoke from a toy train and is created of non-toxic odorous Glycol and glycerol vapor. It’s up to you how much smoke is emitted since holding the finger trigger produces the smoke. Different smoke sticks and puffers often turn out dangerous and cause smoke, but the smoke Pencil doesn’t turn out any smoke that’s dangerous or caustic.

The Smoke pencils are often employed in many various areas! The smoke pencil is often used throughout at home for various applications like determining if your fire chimney can draft properly or testing your damper to visualize if it’s protected tightly. You’ll see if your windows and doors are stripped well and sealed tight.

Why is a smoke pencil more superior.

Different styles of smoke sticks and smoke puffers have dangerous chemicals or flammables in them. Most of those different smoke sticks can’t even be brought on a plane or sent via Air Package. This smoke pencil is different since it operates on harmless glycol, glycerine, and vapor. However, the smoke fluid comes in a very tiny three bottle which is the allowable size.

How to use the Smoke Pencil?

Insert 6AA batteries into the Smoke Pencil through a very cheap battery door.

Lay the unit on its facet and take away the “fill” plug. Insert the fluid bottle’s long spout way into the tank. Then squeeze within the fluid.

Flip up the lock mechanism on the trigger. Press trigger gently till the diode light-weight glows, indicating the facility to the smoke generator is on. Hold for six-nine seconds, once a plume of smoke begins to be emitted. Then find draughts and air leaks.


When using the chimney, you wouldn’t want any leakage to occur, reducing its efficiency. There are many other devices to spot leakage, but the smoke pencil has proven to be the healthiest instrument to identify the smoke point.