What does salesforce developers do?


Salesforce Developers, also known as SFDC developers, aims towards turning each project complete with their professional development skills. Salesforce developers are supposed to have certain inbuilt skills, and they can even enhance their learning through certain certifications.

The task force is in huge demand in major industry segments like financial services, healthcare and hospitals, IT and computer software, marketing, advertising, etc.

They work relentlessly on the Salesforce platform, but there are many roles and responsibilities that they hold, owing to the vastness this software solution holds. These many programmers are involved in major areas like Salesforce customization, configuration, and building custom apps for Salesforce.

Certain skill sets are required to be an efficient Salesforce developer. There are certifications available that can add to the skill set, though not mandatory.

Major Roles And Responsibilities Of A Salesforce Developer

It is a big job, after all. There are significant roles and responsibilities associated with a Salesforce Developer, here are they:

Salesforce Application Specific:

  • Salesforce Customization requirement handling as and when the need comes
  • Salesforce Configuration including user interface with all relevant choices
  • Application development for peer Salesforce developers
  • Designing business portal along with components like page layouts etc.
  • Ensuring complex customer workflows into Salesforce specific outputs
  • Mapping functional needs to Salesforce functionalities
  • Creation of technical approaches and plans to encompass all needed procedures


  • Analyzing customer requirements and then designing and developing the application to meet those needs
  • Ensure thorough collaboration with other team members/analysts/testers/designers for a comprehensive output
  • Seamless integration with third-party systems
  • Creation of mobile / web applications
  • Identification of business processes followed at major departments and subordinate offices
  • Maintenance of user roles to ensure no security lapse/breaches
  • Proper training and orientation to all involved, involving gap analysis

Why Is the Role Of A Salesforce Developer Interesting?

The amazing statistics above show the role-wise job openings and increasing demand for Salesforce professionals, especially Salesforce developers, if you wonder why there are reasons enough that justify the demand for Salesforce developers.

Have a look why:

  • Association with pioneering and futuristic platform
  • Intermingling with a dynamic and intelligent community group
  • Collaboration with a global technology leader
  • Widespread job prospects
  • Variety of training chances and good quality documentation
  • Increased monetary returns and paybacks

How Can Salesforce Developers Help Overcome Hurdles?

There will surely be certain roadblocks for developers to be experts. Here are certain key guidelines that can help them be strong and accurate in their areas:

  • Attempt to have Platform Developer – PDI certification, that will surely help in gaining expertise
  • Understand and grasp Salesforce admin roles and responsibilities for better functioning
  • Attempt to clear the Scrum Master certification to expand your portfolio
  • Make the most of the local Salesforce community group and avail all knowledge sharing forums
  • Take guidance from the technical advisor to stay on the right path
  • Start using Salesforce StackExchange for answering all your questions
  • Please keep a record of all errors or problems that are encountered and troubleshoot to find their solutions

Salesforce developers are in the limelight now. It starts with being a Salesforce developer, and on garnering experience and expertise, they can move on to higher levels becoming a Salesforce architect or a Salesforce consultant.

In the Salesforce Development & Customization Services world, the developers’ task force plays a significant role. There is an increasing rush of newbies to achieve the Salesforce developers’ skills, proof enough to showcase its demand and popularity. The sky is the limit for Salesforce developers and the driving force behind it.