What Are the Benefits of Real Estate Photography?


Agents who represent listings are employed to sell houses, not take photos, and constantly concentrate on assisting clients and expanding their business. Take note of the following points when you engage a professional company that offers real estate photography Charlotte.

Incredible First Impression

A listing agent is given one chance to create a memorable first impression. In addition, they only have two seconds to draw the attention of potential buyers without photography and possibly 20 seconds with any kind of photography based on the emotion of buyers of homes. Low-quality, amateur “stills” taken with an iPhone or a shoot camera won’t make the most of those precious seconds.

Quality Real Estate Photography Attracts Qualified Buyers

The first thing potential buyers often look over in a property listing is the photographs. Most internet homeowners won’t even browse an advertisement without any sort of photography for real estate.

Higher Sales Price Potential

Homes that professional photographers photograph can be sold for as little as $1,000 and up to $18,000 more than the homes photographed by amateurs and generate more than 60 per cent more views on the Internet. As an agent for listing, this is an excellent selling aspect that you can incorporate into your marketing plan.

Less Time on the Real Estate Market

Photos of homes taken by a professional company that offers real estate photography Charlotte are more likely to sell faster and more quickly than photos taken by a shoot.

Triggering the Right Emotions

For most buyers, emotions account for around 20% of the purchasing decision. If potential home buyers browsing the Internet are impressed by the photos they can see, they’ll go to the website of the agent listing the property. If they do not, they’ll go on to see the next results in the search results, and the chance to draw a potential buyer’s attention may be lost forever.

Higher Quality Results

There’s an art to excellent Real Estate Photography. Professional photographers invest the time and equipment needed to create stunning still photographs. They can make use of composition, colour and light to create images that are more visually attractive.

Proper Staging

The main benefit we’re about to discuss is the advantages of correctly staging the property. Real estate photographs aren’t all about ensuring you get the right angles and lighting. It’s also about arranging objects in a way that is as informative and pleasing to the eyes as it can be. Real estate photographers are skilled in the nuances of staging. They know the best places to place things in the right place, how to tilt them and more. They also know how to create the perfect “feel” for the photograph.

Your Professional Real Estate Photography and Success

In the end, the most effective agents in charlotte for listing know the right time to assign tasks which can be handled by a company that can provide professional real estate photography. Agents with an impressive portfolio of past images of their listings can be seen as more professional and result in more listings shortly.