Want to become a Paralegal? Understand its Know-How First!

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Many people are into a misconception that Paralegals are Attorneys or lawyers. However, it is not. Paralegals are the persons who perform the essential and procedural legal work as permitted by law. In the absence of a paralegal, all the tasks and work is continued and done by the attorney, but a paralegal cannot always perform the duties of an attorney. Paralegals gain their knowledge of the law through proper education like immigration consultant courses that are provided online as well as offline and many others. Their knowledge and education entitle them to perform legal tasks. Read on to know more about the common tasks and duties performed by a Paralegal.

Investigations and Presentations

Assisting the attorneys in trials, hearings, and closings’ preparation is the most essential role of a paralegal. The Paralegal researches and gathers all the information regarding the case and identify relevant laws, legal decisions, and legal articles significant to the case. They also handle documentation work for immigration cases as well. The paralegal also scrutinizes all the information and prepare a written report for the attorney, so that he can handle the case efficiently.

Client Interviews

A paralegal generally does not initially interview the client but is present when the attorney gains information about the legal issues of the client (because of which he/she has consulted the attorney). They scrutinize the questioning and jot down notes for further interviews with the clients and witnesses. After the interview process, the paralegal prepares a memorandum outlining the statement for the attorney. Paralegals also handle clients who are facing any immigration issues.

Formulating Legal Documentation

Paralegals spent most of the day in drafting and formulating legal documents like pleadings, complaints, interrogatories, deposition notices, legal briefs, and many others. It is also considered that, in written communication, paralegal training is very important. Even the documentation for handling an immigration case for the people who have immigrated to the US or wanting to immigrate is also done by a paralegal.

Law Office Administration

Besides these tasks, paralegals are likely to manage the administrative duties as well, like filing papers, maintaining and organizing reference and client files, answering telephone calls, etc. They often keep a hold on the attorney’s schedule and also calls clients, witnesses, lawyers, court personnel, etc each day to arrange meetings, interviews, trials, and testimonies, and evidence. Moreover, they also handle the travel (if any) needed for the case.

Final Consideration

Being a paralegal includes many vital responsibilities that help the attorney to handle the case successfully. Assisting the authority in the best possible way is the major requirement from a paralegal. To become a paralegal, one should complete its degree or an immigration consultant course, that is available both, online and offline. Moreover, many people take the immigration consultant course in addition to their degree to enhance their careers. Paralegals, as a part of their responsibility, are present with attorneys at the time of trials, court hearings, meetings, depositions, real estate closings, etc. Irrespective of the law area, the paralegals are of an organized mind and have a very impressive ability to multitask. The paralegals with these qualities will find everyday tasks very challenging and exciting to work.

However, the duties of the paralegal are majorly based on the type of law in which it works. For instance, a corporate paralegal will mainly handle shareholders’ documentation and the one working in a criminal case will research police records and evidence thoroughly.