Vincent Anthony Virga: How Can You Start Writing A Book

Vincent Anthony Virga Publisher
Vincent Anthony Virga

Writing a book tends to be a lifelong dream for some people. But what formula can you use to unlock your creativity to show how you can write a book that will make your dreams come true? However, each author’s journey is unique; some may tell you there is no single path to authorship. From the bottom line, most of the best-selling authors will have highly effective writing patterns and habits that help them reach their goals. Therefore if you are looking to write a book of your own, you have to emulate your writing patterns. Vincent Anthony Virga shares essential tips on getting started with the authorship journey.

Find an idea for your big book.

Start by writing your idea to get past the first page of your draft. Ask yourself a few simple questions about whether or not you already know what you want to write—getting answers to these questions will help you narrow down and settle for the best option.

What do I want to write about?

What do I feel is essential to write about?

Who will want to read about this story/subject?

Will I be able to carry out this idea effectively?

Get tools to help you find an idea.

If you’re grasping at straws, you can opt to use creative writing prompts. You might stumble upon an interesting concept that sparks an idea for your book. 

Research your genre

Once you get the idea for your book, research your genre; reading books in your genre is an effective way to learn how to write that genre yourself. You’ll have a leg up if you write a book you like to read. However, Vincent Anthony Virga suggests selecting a couple of representative titles and analyzing them. How long are they, and how many chapters do they have? What does the story structure look like? What significant themes may help you analyze yourself if you can produce a book with similar elements.

Discover what people like to read

Conduct market research to help you determine the most popular books in your genre. If you are up to your book’s success, you’ll have to contend with these bestsellers. Going far and beyond is the only effective way to grant your book a chance in the hyper-competitive market environment. Your genre research will tell you where the bar is and how you can surpass it

Trust your writing process.

You may get stuck along your writing journey, but what could you do when you hit a wall? Authors tend to experience setbacks from time to time. Whether it’s an onslaught of insecurity, lack of desire to write, or a tricky plot hole, take knocks in stride, not let them get you down, and trust your writing journey.


With whichever route you’d take for your writing journey, the most important thing will remain that you’ve written a book, which is an incredible achievement. Therefore for your authorship endeavors, keep calm and carry on. Every day brings new opportunities, and you’ll get through this.