Two Weeks In South America | Ailola Quito

Two Weeks In South America
Two Weeks In South America

Even though Ecuador is a relatively small country, there are a variety of climatic and topographical aspects. Join us on our two weeks in south america Experience Tour to discover it for yourself. We’ll lead you on a once-in-a-lifetime journey through scenic farmland, lofty peaks, magnificent lagoons, and mesmerizing rainforest while providing you with top-notch Spanish lessons all along the way! Curious? Continue reading to learn more!

Discover Otavalo: First-rate market for indigenous crafts

Many consider it the most affluent Amerindian community in all of South America. To others, Otavalo is simply beautiful. On your first day, you’ll meet famous residents at the indigenous craft market, where you can try food and buy handcrafted textiles and crafts. Additionally, your first Spanish class is scheduled for the afternoon.

Eucalyptus Forest, Peguche Falls, and a hike to San Pablo Lake

After your morning Spanish courses, you can explore the greatest of Ecuador’s natural beauty close to Otavalo. The following day, you’ll go to Peguche, a sacred waterfall where local indigenous people bathe during annual celebrations. Then, enjoy the scent of eucalyptus plantations as you walk to San Pablo Lake.

Travel to Cuicocha Lake and learn about Cotacachi

It’s time to leave Otavalo for a day journey to Lake Cuicocha once we’ve had breakfast to refuel. We’ll trek around the lake while admiring the stunning surroundings and the well-known patchwork of fields in the background. While we eat, we’ll hear about local history and then return to the nearby village of Cotacachi, known for its leather products. Take Spanish courses in Otavalo to finish the day.

Go hiking in Machachi and look for the peaks of Ilinizas

It’s time for adventure once more after a breakfast fit for champions! We’ll travel to Machachi, a village sitting atop the central highlands amid farmlands and towering peaks. After lunch, we’ll start our Spanish sessions right away, followed by a laid-back evening of socializing and spare time.

Explore the leisure area of El Boliche and the Andean forest

The El Boliche leisure area, which is close to the well-known Cotapaxi National Park, allows us to experience the best of the Andean forest and learn about a variety of gorgeous native plants. We’ll eat lunch following our hike and begin our afternoon Spanish classes immediately. After work, take time to recharge your body and mind.

Visit Latacunga and learn about Chugchilán. Check out Rio Toachi Canyon

Next, we set off on the road once more, stopping in the lovely Andean community of Latacunga for lunch. Then, we’ll travel to Chugchilán, a village perched on a mountain, where we’ll find breathtaking scenery and the fantastic Rio Toachi canyon. Keeping with our schedule, we’ll eat lunch before diving into the books for our sixth day of Spanish sessions.

Jungle paddling, rafting on the Rio Napo, and learning how to survive

It’s time for an adventure! Following a short morning Spanish lesson, we’ll take a motorized canoe up the Rio Napo for a guided trip through the rainforest before getting back in the water to go tubing. After spending the day at a conservation zoo, the rest of the day is free.

Finish at Papallacta and go swimming in natural pools

With a day full of excitement in Papallacta in the Ecuadorian Sierra, you won’t even realize it’s your final stop. Before returning to Quito, take a dip in one of the famous pools and eat some delectable local trout!In general, there are only two distinct seasons in the country: the wet and dry seasons. These seasons are perfect for the two weeks in south america and don’t always affect the crowds. The coldest and wettest months are January through May. Since it falls during school vacation week and the ocean conditions are superb, you may expect more visitors to the Galapagos in January.