Top Summer Thong Bikinis That Prove Less Is More


Do you want minimal tan lines? If yes, then a thong bikini is all you need this summer. Over the past decades, bikinis have gained popularity taking beaches by storm. The return of this trend in swimsuits confirms that less is more. Over time, cheeky bikini bottoms were daring and incredibly popular. However, nowadays, more than a few people are sporting a thong bikini bottom on the beach— a thong bikini is what you think it is. It’s great for tan lines and a super hot silhouette with minimal coverage as the game changer. If you are bold, here are the recommended styles, whether you are looking for a hot side-tie string bikini or one with a more classic bikini-brief shape. Keep reading to shop for the best piece for the summer. 

  • Byron Pant

Byron pants are perfect for high-cut cheeky bikini bottoms. It can be worn as a hipster or over the hips for the ultimate ’90s brief look. It offers little less coverage, which makes it perfect for achieving longer-looking legs. Byron’s pant features include;

  • Classic shape
  • Lustrous silky shine
  • Cheeky coverage at the back, 
  • Luxurious soft feel
  • Its 85% Polyamide 15% Elastane
  • Fully lined
  • Finest quality Lycra
  • It can be worn as a high cut or lower on the hip.
  • Hyman Thong

It’s the most in style yet— classic micro-style thong bikini. It features tie sides to size up or down to suit your style. Thinking of it, it’s a ‘must-have style for every bikini enthusiast, perfect for tanning. Hyman thong features include;

  • The style has no back coverage.
  • Luxurious soft feel
  • Gold hardware trim
  • Finest quality Lycra
  • Fully lined
  • It has ties at the sides for an adjustable fit
  • Lustrous silky shine
  • Its 85% Polyamide 15% Elastane
  • It can be worn as a high-cut or lower on the hip.
  • A Low-Rise Thong Bikini Bottom

The Low-rise thong bikini is a perfect piece for a happy summer moment for big fans of a minimalist. It’s skimpy and features a high-cut leg. When paired with a low-rise, it makes it the most minimal, flattering fit.

  • A Neutral Thong Bikini Bottom 

Sometimes all you need is a solid neutral bikini. It’s easy to match with your favourite top. It features a slight V cut at the front, with a high leg and a super-minimal backside. 

Care Maintenance For Thong Bikinis

Since dark colours may run, hand washes this item separately before the first wear— hand washes with lukewarm water using mild detergent, cold, gentle machine wash separately, and rinses after each use. Dry in the shade. Avoid exposure to sunscreen, lotion, oil, and chlorine as they can cause discolouration of this item. 

Top Reasons To Wear Thong Bikini In Summer

If you are a bikini enthusiast, you love the minimalist vibe this item creates. Besides, it is a style that’s comfortable and flattering. Although the style has slowly emerged over the past decades, the good news is that it is here to stay and fully embraced. With that said, here are the benefits and reasons for having this item for your summer

  • Comfortability

Thong bikinis are incredibly comfortable. For the ones that have more coverage, you can constantly adjust them to ensure you avoid a wedgie can be incredibly annoying. Their design to sit and mould to the contours of your body means fewer adjustments and distractions.

  • Minimal Tan Lines

Thong bikini bottoms are perfect for tanning since there’s less fabric to block the sun’s rays. While most bottoms can create a wedgie from the excess fabric, this is not the case with thong bikinis.

  • Sleek And Minimal Vibe

You’ll love the simplicity created by this minimal silhouette. It’s a good casual and muted look, as it effortlessly blends with the beach vibe. 

  • Thong Bikinis Are Not Bold As They Used To Be

Here’s some good news. Cheeky has been coming into style for years, and people have gotten used to seeing a bit of bum on the beach. Above that, public figures are also helping to push the trend, which brings it more into the mainstream.

  • No One Cares

You’ll have it wrong to think that people down the beach on their vacation are thinking about why you wore a thong bikini to the beach. Everyone is in their world. The last thing people would do is spend their vacation thinking about other people’s clothing preferences. Nobody cares about what they’re thinking anyway. Strut your stuff and let your confidence shine through, wear thong bikini swimsuits without worrying about what other people think. It’s 2022. 


With a thong bikini, you can show what you got. While we all love the skin you’re in, confidence is one trait that universally screams attraction. Although there are few things, we believe wholeheartedly, one thing is you are blessed with healthy bodies. Why would we want to cover them up?