Top 7 Ways To Advertise Your Business with TikTok

Advertising on TikTok

Among the hottest applications on the planet, TikTok has changed the perspective on which we look at social media. With over 800 million active users, it’s safe to say that TikTok has appealed to the roots of social media concerning viral content. It means even when it comes to business marketing strategies, most business owners around the globe have capitalized on TikTok success to advertise their brand. 

How Does TikTok Work for Businesses?

While other social media platforms aim at attracting more fans, advertising on TikTok has shown a completely different approach. here are the top 7 ways to advertise your business with TikTok

  • Entertaining Content

With TikTok, fun content equals viral content. Meaning for you to successfully advertise your business on TikTok,  your video ad has to be more fun to reach out to the largest targeted audience.  you need not hire a professional to create a TikTok video. What matters a lot is your sense of humor and creativity. Your content will depend on your production type and industry.

  • In Feeds Advertising

TikTok in feeds ads is also similar to that of Instagram. It is short ad video clips that usually appear on users’ discover feeds between your video. They tend to take users’ attention since they display on full screen even though users have the right to skip them. It would be best to make your in-feed ads to create a first impression and redirect users to action.

  • Hashtagging Challenges

Hashtagging plays an essential role while advertising on TikTok since users share and find content with their help. It offers businesses a chance to promote their brand since it encourages users to recreate and share their take on videos. It increases brand awareness allowing users to interact directly with your content.

  • Brand Take Over

The brand takes over is a full-screen ad that appears to all tictok users while opening a TikTok video. It can be linked to a landing page or hashtagging challenges with a 3_5 sec video,  gif, or image. The special thing about brand take over is that it take over category for the whole day. Your video will be displayed all day but reach all TikTok users at once. 

  • Branded Lenses and Effects

Currently, users can change ultimately change their environment using social media. TikTok allows you to in creating and add 2D and 3D augmented reality effects and lenses. It’s a meaningful way of promoting your brand across the platform while boosting brand awareness and user engagement. If you are into the cosmetics business, why shouldn’t you offer free samples in the AR world, creating lenses that imitate makeup, allowing users to use the product virtually?

  • Sponsored Hashtagging Challenge

At times while using hashtagging challenges, it also needs to be boosted for the content to go viral. TikTok allows you to promote your hashtagging challenges by creating a sponsored hashtag challenge that appears on main discover feeds. It simply adds some advantage to all users seeing your video.

  • Influencers

You’ll positively market your brand if you collaborate with social media influencers who will help in introducing your product to the TikTok community if you are new to the platform. Ensure your target audience aligns with the influencer’s audience. be sure to work with influencers and micro-influencers who’ll work within your niche and portray the exact value your brand does.

Conclusion: Are you considering advertising on TikTok? The answer is yes. Since TikTok offers your business and brand a unique ad format that you can utilize in your promotion while connecting with your audience, do not hesitate to create your binge-worthy videos.