Top 6 Mistakes that Can Give Your Spouse an Upper Hand During a Divorce

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Here are Top 6 Mistakes that Can Give Your Spouse an Upper Hand During a Divorce

Divorce processes can be challenging and complex, and as a spouse going through a divorce, you need legal help to know how to handle the process to end up with the desired outcome.

As competent divorce lawyers, we have the experience to help you navigate these complications. While working with clients, we have taken the time to note down the biggest mistakes people make during this process.

1.   Not Hiring a Competent Divorce Lawyer

Some people think that they can handle the divorce process on their own without the help of a lawyer. The result is always disastrous – they fail to handle the complications that arise with the divorce proceedings and end up losing everything.

Other people don’t perform due diligence when choosing a lawyer, and they end up with an incompetent, inexperienced wannabe to handle their issues. This makes it hard for them to get the right representation.

Additionally, failure to look into past cases that have been won by the lawyer can make you end up with someone that can’t guarantee the outcome you want.

2.   Not Telling Your Lawyer All the Facts

Do you know that some spouses feel that they can win a case using half-truths and information that isn’t complete? This is a wrong notion that we dispel today.

If you don’t tell the lawyer the entire story of the marriage, even the most sensitive or darkest of secrets, he will get the story from the opposing counsel. This can be embarrassing and shameful to your defense.

Remember, the lawyer is your greatest ally, and you need to build credibility with him by telling the truth always.

3.   Not Committing Everything to Writing

Just because you have been in a relationship with someone doesn’t mean that they will be fair in their dealings with you. Remember that a divorce is a civil case, and it needs to be handled with some level of seriousness.

A divorce needs the both of you to come up with several agreements to make sure you separate amicably. These agreements are binding, and you need to make sure they are handled the right way.

We have seen spouses that came up with verbal agreements that ended up backfiring. You need to make sure everything you agree is in writing.

The lack of a definitive agreement might leave you feeling like you have been taken advantage of. Lack of a written agreement might lead to confusion and more problems.

4.   Failure to do a Cost-benefit Analysis

You need to know what is worth fighting for and what isn’t. Spending 3 hours with a lawyer to decide who gets the floor mat worth $200 doesn’t make economic sense.

Quick Stat

The average cost of divorce in the US is $7,500. An uncontested divorce will most likely cost you $4,100.

Before you consult with a Neptune Beach Divorce Attorneys, try and put a value on what you are arguing about. If it is worth the effort, then you can go ahead and engage him. If it isn’t, then it is better to find a way to handle the case without spending more than what the effort is worth.

5.   Posting Your Opinions on Social Media

You have no idea how many divorce cases have been lost just because one spouse thought social media is a safe haven for them to post whatever they feel like. That argument on social media with your ex might be used against you during the proceedings.

Child custody cases have been jeopardized just because one spouse posted their irresponsible behavior on social media.

6.   Not Following the Lawyer’s Advice

The Jacksonville beach divorce lawyer has been handling cases for ages and is bound to know what you can do and what you can’t do. With this in mind, it is upon you to follow his advice or ignore it. Doing the contrary to what he has instructed you to do usually makes the divorce a one-sided case.

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