Top 5 Tips You Can Detail Your Car like a Pro


When you talk about a car, you have no alternative but to schedule a professional maintenance routine for it. Did you know that your car is just an extension of your home?. Just like a home, things may get messier between morning and evening as you commute. Car detailing, therefore, is a unique aspect of transforming your car from a messy to a groomed look real quick. Whenever there is a need to take care of your car, you’ll understand that it’s always pride in driving a car that has undergone professional detailing services. Here are the top 5 tips on how you can detail your car like a pro:

  • Clean With Car Wash Soap

It’s the most basic tip you can detail your car. Using car wash soap allows you to clean your car using your hands. Be sure to wash your car properly since you can relatively cause some damages to your car paint when done improperly. Therefore, you should opt-in to wash your car regularly with a piece of microfiber cloth, clean water, and soft foam brushes to remove dirt and any other contaminants.

  • Car Waxing

Need your car protected? Car waxing is the best solution for your car. It gives your car’s exterior high-quality protection keeping your paint shiny. Car waxing is the only secret for keeping your car clean, serviced, and maintained, increasing lifetime service. Just like you would focus on suspension maintenance, engine, and transmission, your car’s exterior also needs protection. Car waxing should be done for up to 4 weeks to keep your car beyond shiny and clean.

  • Opting for Waterless Car Wash

With various tips to detail your car like a pro, nobody would like to drive around an untidy car. Like we always take showers to keep ourselves clean, cars also require regular cleaning and maintenance. But have you tried using waterless car wash spray? It’s a car detailing tip that will save you hours you would invest in washing your car because it contains lifesaving wax. It is just a reliable tip to detail your car like a pro. With waterless car wash spray, you’ll get rid of scratches and swirls from your car’s surface.

  • Care For Carpet and Upholstery

While detailing, your car’s interior also matters. For example, you can get rid of heavy dirt and debris on the carpet before treating more sensitive skins on the dash and electronic display. To take care of carpet and upholstery, use shampoo to treat stains on a small amount of shampoo followed by water cleaning from a spray bottle.

  • Lubricate The Latches and Hinges

Always keep latches and hinges clean and lubricated with oil protectant. You can also lubricate latches and hinges by dipping a bit of lubricant, then swing the door open and close to work it in.


Following the top tips to detail your car like a pro, you’ll discover it’s just a DIY. Your car will ever look brand new without causing any harm to your car paint or sensitive interior or exterior surfaces. So detail your car like a pro!