Top 5 Tips To Reduce Printing & Copier Downtime

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Most copiers and laser printers feature a paper feed mechanism. Unfortunately, this is a formula for paper jams. In most cases, normal operations cannot be restored. Keep these top tips in mind during the lease or servicing your color printer in and around Orlando to prevent paper jams.

Downtime (lack of active copying) happens when your copy machine or scanner malfunctions or ink supply issues. You risk losing critical papers or information, wasting precious time, and incurring additional printing expenses when this occurs. With regular maintenance and care, you can maintain your printer or scanner in excellent operating condition and avoid experiencing any downtime.

When your color printer and copying requirements need care at inconvenient times, you should keep these top 5 tips in mind to minimize printer downtime.

  • Cater for regular maintenance – Maintain your printer regularly to avoid clogging the ink drum and engine with debris and grease. Clogged ink drums are a source of missing text, and changing the ink in these drums may take many hours. Additionally, you should ensure that the toner level is always set correctly so that your papers do not get blackened due to an excess of ink. Additionally, you may want to upgrade the printer’s ink cartridges to guarantee that your documents are available when you need them.
  • Refrain from printing on document holders or other paper trays – Avoid printing images on document holders or other platforms equipped with paper trays. These things contribute to the requirement for paper jams in your printer and reduce the machine’s overall life. If you must print on a tray, ensure that the front of the print head is facing downward. Certain printers feature a front face that may be left on while the print head’s rear is down. However, this might result in the backside smearing the picture. When printing, this may result in a blurred appearance.
  • Consider a printer that uses less energy to operate. Because the time required depends on the printer’s quality, you should compare the unit’s cost to the overall cost of printing to decide if the printer is worth the investment. You should avoid printing huge papers since they may take a long time to print and result in a hefty printing cost. Maintain a timetable for printer and copier maintenance to minimize downtime.
  • Replace the toner cartridge – It is essential to replace the toner cartridge at least every thirty days. This way, you’ll get the most out of your printer and minimize your reliance on store-bought toner. There are many different kinds of toner available, and you must switch between them as often as possible. Specific individuals choose to purchase generic toner cartridges that are compatible with various brands and types of copiers and printers. Others choose to buy brand-specific toner to guarantee that they always have an adequate ink supply for their project files.
  • Use the correct paper – Printing speed and accuracy are affected by the form used. When choosing a printer, consider the type of paper and whether it is smooth or textured. It takes longer and is harder to read on textured paper. To avoid printer jamming, use a high-quality printer cartridge that can print multiple pages at once. Most printers can combine multiple printing jobs into a single page. Consider a system that only prints required documents. As your ink runs out, reassess which papers to print.

These top 5 tips can assist you in keeping your copier or printer in good working order. When you discover that your printing equipment is malfunctioning, you should immediately attempt to repair it. You do not want to wait until the problem worsens before addressing it, as this may result in the copier or printer completely failing. Contact the color printer lease in Orlando to ensure that your copier or printer lasts an extended time.