Top 10 Engine Oil Brands

engine oil brands

Most people claim it’s easier to buy a car than maintain it. Some tend to be lazy to spend their time maintaining their car. Anyone who finds the value of their vehicle understands the need to take care of their car. The most ignored component of maintaining a car is engine oil.  after reading this article, you’ll have gain knowledge about top engine oil brands 

  • Velvex  Engine Oil

It’s a brand product introduced into the market with credentials of over 25 years of experience in the lubricant industry with collaboration with German technology making velvex lubricants a great combination of premium products delivered at high quality and reasonable prices to customers. Velvex engine oil brand manufacturer gained inspiration from “velvet,” meaning smooth and premium. one of its products is diesel engine oil;

Diesel Engine Oil:  It is formulated with succinimidyl technology. This makes it possible to be used in a turbocharged and aspirated diesel engine. It’s also formulated to sustain engine oil durability where exhaust gas recirculation is used. Velvex lubricants specialist and recommend this extended drain service engine for modern and low emissions diesel engines. it comes in velvex superpower 20W- 40, Velvex Multi-Grade 20W-40,  velvex super GT Turbo 15 W- 40 and  

  • Motul

It’s a company that manufactures car engine oil, motorcycles, and lubricants for automotives. It also engages in the business of coolants, greases and specializes in synthetic oils.

  • Veedol

Tidewater is an oil company that manufactures lubricants and is also a marketer of veedol engine oil brands in India and across the globe.

  • Honda

When mentioning the honda engine oil brand, their genuine engine oil is superior quality for four strokes engine. It helps in providing the list benefits as compared to other premium-quality engine oils. 

  • GS Caltex

It’s an oil refining company in South Korea that GS groups and chevron own. Its operations involve the production of high-quality premium engine oil for diesel engine cars, motorcycles. It’s also one of the leading automotives lubricants manufacturers in India.

  • Valvoline 

Valvoline engine oil brand has been known to be a subsidiary of Ashland inc. since 1949. It appears to be one of the most prominent commercial and industrial lubricant brands supplying excellent products since the 1860s. Since then, it has not cut down the quality of its product.

  • Tata Genuine Engine Oil

Tata’s genuine engine oil brand is manufactured by Tata Motors specifically for commercial motors. Tata motors have also partnered with Petronas lubricants to launch a high-performing engine oil and passenger lubricants vehicle. 

  • Mobil 1 

It’s an oil manufacturing company that offers automotive lubricating products and different kinds of engine oil. Mobil 1 engine oil brand products include synthetic motor, gear lubricants, and oil filters.

  • Castrol

Castrol brand provides a wide range of automotives, lubricants, greases, and motor engine oil. It is a leading manufacturer and distributor of engine oil, taking control of most of the lubricants market in India.

  • Servo

Servo engine oil brand is one of the leading engine oil brands and lubricants. It’s known to be the largest oil and gas company in India. 


With many engine oil brands to mention,  most individuals might find shopping for engine oil a daunting process. But with these top engine oil brands, be sure of the review since they are reputable for offering the best synthetic and conventional motor oil. It makes it easier for you to make your choice.