Tips On How to Wear and Take Care of Hair Extensions

RIE Hair Boutique

There are many reasons you may want to opt to wear hair extensions. From transforming your hair from short to long in just a few minutes, to adding volume to your hair, or getting thicker braids instantly, hair extensions are a quick and effective way to play around with your looks.

If you are new to the world of blonde virgin human hair extensions, there are many resources to teach you the basics of how to wear and style hair extensions.

While mastering the art of wearing hair extensions takes a bit of practice, These hair extensions hacks will help you in achieving it. By following these helpful  tips, you can go from blonde virgin human hair extensions newbie to a pro.

  1. Braid the bottom layer of your hair to hide shorter hair.
  2. Use a hair extensions hanger for easier styling.
  3. Clip your blonde virgin human hair extensions in diagonally to achieve a layered look.
  4. Backcomb your roots to prevent wefts from slipping
  5. Stack your extensions if you have a smaller head.
  6. Store your extensions properly to prolong their life span.
  7. Pre curl your blonde virgin human hair extensions the day before if you have an event.
  8. Clip your hair extensions upside down if you are wearing a ponytail.
  9. Hide your hair elastic using 1 clip weft.
  10. Use the right hairbrush when brushing your hair.

Even though hair extensions don’t grow from your scalp, you must take care of extension hair as if it does, after all, you have paid for it. The best way to maintain your blonde virgin human hair extensions is to take care of them as you would with your own hair. Use products that you would use on your hair and avoid too many harsh chemicals.

With regular care and attention, you can ensure your hair extensions last as long as possible and stay looking healthy. It’s always worth familiarizing yourself with the best habits to help your hair extensions to last longer. So, if you want to learn how to properly take care of your blonde virgin human hair extensions, follow the tips and tricks listed below.

  1. Take your hair extensions out before going to bed.
  2. Wash your hair extensions once a month.
  3. Hang the hair extensions up to dry, and don’t brush them while they are wet.
  4. Comb hair extensions using wide toothed comb.
  5. Keep hair extensions moisturized, especially when you style them often.
  6. Take care when hear styling your hair extensions.
  7. Wear hair extensions in a ponytail only if they were made to be worn that way.
  8. De frizz synthetic extensions with water and fabric softener.

Finally, with a good routine, you can wear your virgin blonde human hair extensions months on end and enjoy fuller, thicker, and healthier looking locks. Nothing beats seeing your new locks for the first time after having extensions fitted, but without care, they most definitely will not last as long as you would have hoped for. By adding the above steps to your routine, your hair extensions will stay flawless for months to come.