Ignite test

The IGNITE program practice tests is primarily intended for children who are quick to learn new concepts, have various interests, and find their schoolwork too simple to complete. The IGNITE test can help a child’s future by providing him with the necessary level of knowledge. It offers children with higher abilities an exciting academic experience in the company of intelligent peers.

What Is The “Ignite” Program?

IGNITE is a specialized accelerated learning program for students in Grades 7 –10 offered by South Australian public high schools. It is for students with exceptional ability who outperform their peers and are not adequately served by the standard curriculum. The program provides a more demanding curriculum for gifted and talented children to help them develop higher-order thinking abilities. The academic challenge, however, is not the leading purpose of explicit accelerated learning programs. By enrolling in IGNITE, your kid will receive several benefits that go beyond the academic program. 

They Have A One Of A kind Opportunity To

  • Learn in a supportive atmosphere while collaborating with others who have comparable talents and interests.
  • Grasp higher-order skills and competencies such as intercultural and ethical awareness, independence, and social awareness
  • Nourish a lifetime love of learning.

The Ignite Program Selection Procedure

The IGNITE Program Is Offered At Three Elite Schools In Adelaide

  • The Heights School (60 places)
  • Glenunga International High School (100 spots)
  • Aberfoyle Park High School (50 spots)

All IGNITE program applicants must pass a strenuous four-part IGNITE test held in February each year, followed by an interview. 

After taking an ACER (Australian Council for Educational Research) assessment in February, successful students are enrolled for the secondary school IGNITE program. Students who qualify for the IGNITE program are assured of immediate admission, regardless of whether they live in the zone.

What Does The Ignite Test Consist Of ?

Reading comprehension, mathematical reasoning, abstract thinking, and written expression are the four components of the ACER HAST. Students who have taken the ACER HAST report that the exam is difficult. Since it is to identify extraordinarily brilliant and talented children, the questions are one or two grades higher in difficulty than your child’s current school year.


  • Reading Comprehension: The reading comprehension test lasts 45 minutes and requires students to complete 40 questions. Reading Comprehension assesses your child’s ability to work with vast amounts of information. Your youngster will be given a selection of nonfiction magazine articles and poetry and asked to answer multiple-choice questions.
  • Mathematical Reasoning: The Mathematical reasoning test lasts 40 minutes and requires students to answer 30 problems. Mathematical reasoning is not a standard math evaluation a student will take in school. This section will assess your child’s logical thinking and ability to reason using mathematical principles.
  • Abstract Reasoning: The Abstract Reasoning test lasts 30 minutes and requires students to complete 30 questions. Your child will have to solve visual puzzles and challenges in this section. Patterns, forms, colors, and (often chaotic at first appearance) diagrams are common in abstract thinking topics.
  • Written Expression: The writing test lasts 25 minutes, and students must compose a response to the stimuli given to them. The required style of writing varies from year to year. The forms of writing that can be included are persuasive essays, narrative/creative essays, opinion pieces, descriptive writing, and others.

How Do Test Champs Help?

To imitate the actual test environment, the Test Champs IGNITE test uses exam-style questions and test formats as prescribed by examination conducting organizations (ACER). We adjust our questions to match the actual test and add more high-quality questions of varying difficulty levels. Test Champs exams are a low-cost option for parents and instructors trying to provide their children with the skills and methods they need to succeed. Test Champs Increase students’ confidence by explaining the exam format, time limits, and question types. 

With such mock assessments, your child will be able to familiarize themselves with the exam style and answer questions quickly throughout essential learning areas in preparation for Ignite. Our examinations are particularly designed to help prepare and improve abilities in critical thinking, reading, and math. You can increase your child’s chances of admittance by using our top notch Ignite practice exams.