The Guide To Refinishing A Parquet Floor In Your Interiors

The Quick Guide To Refinishing A Parquet Floor In Your Interiors
The Quick Guide To Refinishing A Parquet Floor In Your Interiors

Parquet flooring is becoming renowned as the most appealing and trending floor covering that adds graceful and visual appeal to your interiors within no time. 

These floors are made from wooden planks in variable sizes and stunning patterns for a rustic look in your spaces. If you want to beautify your home, you can think about installing parquet floors in your home.

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The best method to bring new life into your worn-out flooring is to restore your parquet pattern flooring with our Interior Fit Out Company in Dubai. Your flooring will be restored to like-new condition through our method.

Repairs are necessary in certain restoration efforts when the floor has been chipped, fractured, or otherwise harmed. In this case, we’ll utilize salvaged wood to closely resemble your original flooring. 

Ultimate Guide For The Refinishing Of Parquet Floors

As we are going to discuss the refinishing of parquet floors, let us familiarize you with the refinishing process because many of you may want to know more. Refinishing is used to cover the untreated wood surface below the floor covering, and it is further leveled by the sanding process.

If you are not expert enough, you can hire a professional for the refinishing of parquet floors. When your floors get multiple scratches and splinters, and you know that you just can’t simply buff the floors, that’s when you should think about refinishing the floors.

1. Clean & Prepare the Subfloors

Either you are installing the parquet floors for the first time or refinishing the floor covering for the second time. The most crucial thing is the cleanliness of the floors. Sometimes your floors have an uneven surface, or they get splintered or damaged. Before you start the process, clean the floors and remove all the room accessories or furniture.

Make sure to remove all the dirt, tiny bits of debris, or splashed paint. Cover all the open ducts with plastic so that the dust doesn’t enter the ventilation system.

2. Sand & Buff Your Floors

Here comes the most time-taking part of the refinishing of parquet floors. You’ll need sandpaper to buff your floors and avoid using sand block for this process because it can create an unbalanced surface without even realizing it. It will make you annoyed when you find out that the floor is uneven. Here’s how to sand and buff your parquet floors.

  • To sand your floors, you’ll need to use sandpaper. Use the hand buffing method for a smoother finish, and take a buff with 180-grit.
  • Keep your hand approximately 4-6 inches away from the wall against you for better buffing.
  • This process will help you loosen up the outer surface of the floors and make them more even.
  • When you buff the floors, make sure to wear a mask and safety goggles for your protection.
  • If you think that hand buffing is not your thing, you can go to the retailer and ask for the floor buffer.
  • This buffing process will help to eliminate the existing finish so that your floors can be prepared for the sanding process.
  • There’s no need to sand the floors if discoloration and scratches are just on the wood surface.

3. Coating The Parquet Floors

When you are done buffing the entire floor, the next thing is to coat the floors. You can give it a coating of water-based polyurethane. Restrict circulation in the area where you just applied the coat. Leave the area for about three hours.

Apply the second coat when the area gets completely dry. You can also use the oil-based polyurethane, but there’s one thing that it will take almost 8 hours to dry, which is a lot of time.

4. Filling In The Gap

If you think that buffing the floors didn’t help you with the scratches, as gouges are deeper under the surface. You can use the belt or drum sander to level your floors effectively. You’ll need to take off the larger layer from the floor’s surface so that the floors can restore their former shape and beauty.

Be sure to fill in the gaps after the sanding process so that you can get a better and well-aligned surface for the parquet floor installation. Filling the gaps is important as it will help to sustain the surface and improve the appearance of granite terrazzo flooring. You can use filler resin or sawdust to fill in the gaps.

5. Finishing the Job

These types of floors need finishing for the sleekest outlook. You can use lacquers and penetrating oil for the best finishing of your parquet floors. Lacquers protect the surface of your floors from the outside, while oils help to protect the floors from the inside.

You can use an applicator pad or a simple brush to apply the varnish. Let the finish dry completely, and you are all done with the refinishing process.

How to Make Parquet Floors Look Modern

An ancient method of creating floors, parquet flooring originated in France in the 17th century. The definition of “parchet” in French is “a little enclosed area.”

In our homes and workplaces, parquet flooring are returning. Parquet flooring is a top option for elegant interior decoration and design. This is as a result of the components and designs that it makes use of.

The result is stunning and richly rustic. Though it quickly gained popularity, postmodernism saw a decline in its use. Parquet flooring have, nevertheless, regained popularity in recent years. They’ve been modified to include more contemporary features and textures.

Most people imagine parquetry as creating a mosaic pattern out of tiny pieces of wood. The parquet de Versailles, on the other hand, makes use of bigger pieces of wood.

The themes created were elaborate and designed to fit together like jigsaw pieces. The majority of the time, affluent people’s homes and large churches featured these magnificent designs.

Even though your parquet floor is stunning, you might want to give it a bit more personality. Here are some suggestions for updating your parquet floors.

How to decor with parquet flooring:

Select a four carpet in a cool or neutral color. Choose one without any patterns so that the parquetry impression is fully negated. 

Your space should feel colder if it is a deep navy color. A gray carpet is a wonderful option if you don’t want a dark hue.

The remaining furniture must be modified to match the new carpet. Choose throw pillows and sofas in neutral hues with as little patterns as possible. Remove the majority or all of the artwork off the walls, leaving them bare.

Replace your curtains with new ones that go with your new carpet, and stick with straightforward designs.

How to Clean Wood Parquet Flooring

Hardwood Parquet flooring design known as parquet is made up of a mosaic of tiny pieces of wood. Since parquet is made of wood, it may be cleaned somewhat similarly to other hardwood floors, but because the parquet wood is thinner and smaller than regular hardwood planks, it needs to be handled with greater care. 

Water exposure is harmful for wood in general because it makes it expand and distort, which is much easier for sensitive parquet. Fortunately, parquet is sealed—typically with wax or polyurethane—so it may occasionally be cleaned with some water. But you must be careful to use a cleaning that won’t remove the finish.

Keep your flooring neat and clean

The primary component of parquet floors is wood. After 20 years, wooden furniture and decorations begin to lose their color and luster. If the wood has darkened, the atmosphere is gloomy and unwelcoming. You might just need to remove this pigment to restore the wood to its original splendor.

You should be able to complete the task using either commercial wood bleach or homemade bleach. You want to consult an expert for the ideal outcomes. You might need to bleach your floors more than once, depending on how much lighter you want them to be. Only after up to five bleaching cycles are certain hues possible to achieve.

To Wrap Up!

If you want to install parquet floors in your interiors, you can follow this step-by-step guide and accomplish your task. The first step in the refinishing process is cleaning and preparing the subfloors. After you thoroughly vacuum the area or take care of the underfloor, let the area set for some time. After that, use a sander to level the area and fill in the gaps. Don’t forget to cover the damaged areas so that your floors have a refined and smoother look.

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Parquet floors are planks and tiles that are assembled to make an ideal floor covering. These planks have distinct geometric and mosaic patterns that create a sequence when you bring them together. 

If you want to transform your interior into a classic one or want to create a focal point in your interior, you can call our interior fit out company in Dubai.

Our fulfillment sand and seal service uses cutting-edge machinery to reduce the dust and debris that are typically associated with this kind of repair.